Can military personnel go abroad during vacation – lawyers answer

Can military personnel go abroad during vacation – lawyers answer

Currently, there is no direct permission in Ukrainian legislation for servicemen to travel abroad during vacation.

However, this issue is usually resolved individually, MORIS lawyers Vitaly Gurenko and Rostyslav Sobotnyk explained to UP.Zhyttia.

When a serviceman submits a report to the command for leave, it is necessary to indicate and confirm that he has valid reasons for going abroad.

For example, if his wife and children are in another country. Then the soldier must submit marriage and birth certificates, as well as documents proving the family’s stay abroad. Based on them, the commander of the military unit decides whether to allow such leave”experts say.

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Further, this decision should be confirmed in the corresponding order. The information is recorded on the serviceman’s leave ticket – the document indicates the period of leave with permission to leave.

But lawyers warn that there are no guarantees that the State Border Service will allow a serviceman to leave the country even with the appropriate documents.

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Currently, the Verkhovna Rada has registered draft law No. 8090 of September 30, 2022, which can legally allow military personnel to travel abroad to visit relatives. It also stipulates that they “for at least 90 days directly participated in measures to ensure the defense of Ukraine, protect the safety of the population and the interests of the state.”

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