Golden Dziga 2024 – a long list of contenders

Golden Dziga 2024 – a long list of contenders

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The Ukrainian Film Academy has published a long list of candidates for the eighth national film award “Golden Dziga”. The list includes half a hundred tapes.

The nominees include 10 feature-length feature films, 12 feature-length documentaries, 14 short films, 4 animated films and 10 series.

Members of the Film Academy have already started voting for nominees for “Golden Dziga 2024”. It will last until May 6. Nominees in 21 nominations will be announced no later May 13.

The long list of contenders for the “Golden Dzyga 2024” film award:

Feature film:

  • “Father”, directed by Oleksandr Kobzar
  • “Dovbush”, directed by Oles Sanin
  • “Kings of Rap”, directed by Myroslav Latyk
  • “La Palisade”, directed by Philip Sotnychenko
  • “My Carpathian grandfather”, directed by Zaza Buadze
  • “Lessons of Tolerance”, directed by Arkady Nepytalyuk
  • “The Path of Generations”, directed by Volodymyr Sydko
  • “SHTTL”, directed by Adi Walter (the director cannot be nominated because he is a foreigner, only the film is nominated)
  • “I, Nina”, director Marysia Nikityuk
  • “How’s Katya?”, directed by Kristina Tynkevich

A frame from the movie “I, Nina”

Documentary feature film:

  • “20 days in Mariupol”, directed by Mstislav Chernov
  • “Bartka”, directed by Volodymyr Bakum
  • “Eurodonbas”, directed by Korniy Hrytsyuk
  • “Life on the Edge”, directed by Pavlo Peleshok
  • “Iron Butterflies”, directed by Roman Lyubiy
  • “From where to where”, directed by Macek Hamela (the director cannot be nominated because he is a foreigner, only the film is nominated)
  • “Star. A thought about law”, directed by Vyacheslav Bigun
  • “Ivan and Martha”, directed by Serhiy Bukovsky
  • “King Lear: How We Searched for Love During the War”, directed by Dmytro Greshko
  • “Infinity according to Florian”, directed by Oleksiy Radinsky
  • “The Rule of Two Walls”, directed by David Gutnick (the director cannot be nominated because he is a foreigner, only the film is nominated)
  • “The Light and Shadows of Ivan Chendey”, directed by Vyacheslav Bigun

A frame from the movie “Infinity according to Florian”

Short game:

  • “70,000 years ago”, directed by Eduard Nechmoglod
  • “In Paris, no one thinks about tomorrow”, directed by Andriy Kokura
  • “Big Little War”, directed by Myroslav Latyk
  • “Zhiva”, directed by Vladlen Odudenko
  • “The End of History”, directed by Stanislav Bytyutky
  • “Lullaby for a cat”, directed by Andrii Gil
  • “Shampur”, directed by Oleksiy Boryak
  • “How it was”, directors Anastasia Solonevych, Damyan Kotsur (the director cannot be nominated because he is a foreigner, only the film is nominated)

A frame from the movie “How it was”

Documentary short film:

  • “Voices from Bakhmut”, directed by Ihor Babaev
  • “Guests from Kharkiv”, director Halyna Lavrynets
  • “Storks always return home”, director Gala Kozyutynska
  • “We will restore the trust of Kharkiv residents and provide high-quality service to residential buildings,” director Maksym Khodak
  • “Under the wing of the night”, directed by Lesya Dyak
  • “Chernobyl 22”, directed by Oleksiy Radinsky

A frame from the film “Voices from Bakhmut”

Animated film:

  • “Zupinka”, directed by Kateryna Omelyanenko
  • “Mariupol. One Hundred Nights”, directed by Sofia Melnyk
  • “Mokosh”, directed by Anna Dudko
  • “Orca”, directed by Nikita Ratnikov

A frame from the movie “Mariupol. One Hundred Nights”


  • “Volunteers”, directed by Andrii Burlaka
  • “Hot”, directed by Oleg Turansky
  • “Friends”, directed by Pavlo Tupik
  • “My movie”, directed by Serhii Storozhev
  • “New Year’s Shrevebert”, directed by Myron Latyk
  • “Carrier”, director Yevhen Tunik
  • “Storage rooms. Eight stories”, directed by Kyrylo Bin
  • “Herd”, director Dmytro Andriyanov
  • “Ukrainian Palaces. Golden Age-2”, director-producer Daria Sarycheva
  • “Sturm”, directed by Zaza Buadze

A frame from the TV series “Volunteers”

About “Golden Dziga”

“Golden Dziga” – Ukrainian national film award, awarded for achievements in the development of cinematography. It was founded by the Ukrainian Film Academy in 2017, the same year the first award ceremony was held. 17 nominees applied for the First National Film Award.

At the first ceremony, Taras Tkachenko’s drama “Dove’s Nest” won the main award for “Best Film”. In the following years, the winners in this nomination were “Cyborgs” by Akhtem Seitablayev, “Donbas” by Serhiy Loznytsia, “My thoughts are quiet” by Antonio Lukich and “Atlantis” by Valentin Vasyanovych.

In 2022, the ceremony had to be abandoned due to a full-scale Russian invasion. Therefore, in 2023, the award was presented immediately after two years – to the winners of the sixth and seventh film awards.

The names of the winners of the eighth prize will be announced in June 2024.

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