How many Ukrainians apply the knowledge of mathematics acquired at school? Poll

How many Ukrainians apply the knowledge of mathematics acquired at school?  Poll

Sociologists asked Ukrainians whether they needed to study mathematics after graduating from high school. The results show that only 11% of respondents did not need this subject. 89% indicated that it was useful to some extent.

The study was conducted by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology.

Thus, 71% of respondents said that mathematics is necessary when interacting with banks, obtaining a loan, paying for services, etc. 70% of respondents said that they use it in everyday life.

68% noted that mathematics contributed to the development of their logical thinking. 61% of respondents answered that they use their knowledge of this subject to help their children learn it at school.

Research of the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology

55% of Ukrainians needed mathematics for further study at a university, and 48% of survey participants said that their work is related to this science.

Gender, age, region of residence practically had no influence on the answers. As well as the place of residence: 87% of respondents need mathematics in the village, 91% in the city.

The difference was only noticeable among people with different levels of education: among those with less than secondary or secondary education, 74% used mathematics, while 87% of people with secondary special education used it, and 94% with higher education.

Respondents were also asked what should be done about the number of hours of mathematics study at school: increase, decrease or leave it as it is. The majority (51%) spoke in favor of leaving everything as it is. Another 25% did not know what to answer. And those who believe that the number of hours for mathematics should be increased were three times more (19%) than those who spoke in favor of a decrease (6%).

Ukrainians believe that the number of hours for studying mathematics at school should be left as it is now

“The results of this study help to understand the relationship between education and everyday life in modern Ukrainian society. Our study also provides certain materials for the discussion about the effectiveness of the educational system of Ukraine, about the formation of educational policy and the development of educational programs, in particular, considering the needs of the modern labor market “, – say the authors of the survey.

Vladimir Paniotto, the president of KMIS, believes that the study of mathematics is necessary not only for its direct application, but also for the development of thinking in general.

“The basis of mathematics is abstract thinking and problem solving, which requires rigorous and consistent thinking. Through solving mathematical problems, people learn to draw logical conclusions and apply abstract concepts to concrete situations. This approach promotes the development of critical thinking, the ability to analyze information, structure and solve complex problems”, – emphasizes the sociologist.

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