“The Holodomor. Chroniclers”: Suspilne presents a documentary series about the genocide of Ukrainians

“The Holodomor.  Chroniclers”: Suspilne presents a documentary series about the genocide of Ukrainians

Public Broadcasting will show a documentary miniseries “Holodomor. Chroniclers”, timed to the 90s of the Holodomor of 1932-33. This was reported in the press service of Suspilny.

World-renowned Holodomor researchers were involved in the filming of the series, in particular, the author of the publication “Letters from Kharkiv. Famine in Ukraine and the North Caucasus in the reports of Italian diplomats 1932-1933”. Andrea Graziosi; the author of the book “Red famine. Stalin’s war against Ukraine” Anne Applebaum; author of the book “Gareth Jones. The Man Who Knew Too Much” Miroslava Vleklia; authors of the study “Psychological consequences of the Holodomor in Ukraine” Victoria Gorbunova and Vitaly Klymchuk; historian Daria Mattingly; director of the Center for Ukrainian Studies at the University of Cambridge Rory Finnin; director of the Ukrainian Scientific Institute at Harvard Serhii Plokhiy and many others.

“Holodomor. Chroniclers” is a 4-episode miniseries: “Capital of Despair”, “Hooray for Stalin!”, “Riders of the Apocalypse” and “Shadow”. The first series focuses on finding answers to the question of why the international community supported the Soviet authorities in covering up the genocide. It tells about the consequences of Stalin’s actions and what happened on the territory of Ukraine during 1932-1933.

This is actually endlessly impressive: how come everyone knows everything, the consular services report about it, the story breaks through in the press, but we see the absolute concentrated indifference of the world to the fact that millions of people are dying, dying of hunger in the center of Europe– notes the author of the scenario Oleksandr Zinchenko.

A frame from the documentary series “Holodomor. Chroniclers”. Photo: provided by the press service of the Society

In the following series, we will show the way to understand the trauma that the Holodomor caused to Ukrainians, as well as how modern society can understand and accept it.

My grandmother was born on March 24, 1934 in a forest in Slobozhanshchyna, where her father, a kukul, had been banished with his family. He voluntarily gave all his grain, property and livestock to the Soviet authorities. At least he wasn’t shot for that. Fighting off wolves, collecting wild plants and mushrooms, the family managed to survive during the Holodomor. Grandma always remembered this! Therefore, for me, as well as for many Ukrainians, this is not just another story… This is the annals of our country. It’s personal“, says the director-producer Roman Barabash.

Photo: provided by the press service of the Society

Fresh Production Group worked on the miniseries, commissioned and based on the script of Public Broadcasting.

The premiere will take place from November 22 to 25 on the TV channel Society Culture. The series can be viewed at 21:00. After that, on the Day of Remembrance of the victims of famine and political repressions November 25, “Holodomor. Chroniclers” will also be broadcast on local channels of Suspilny: 11:10–12:50 – 1-2 series; 22:00–23:40 – series 3-4.

In addition, viewers will be able to watch the documentary mini-series on the YouTube channel of the First November 25-26.

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