How (not) to congratulate from March 8: the Ministry of Internal Affairs gave examples

How (not) to congratulate from March 8: the Ministry of Internal Affairs gave examples



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“Congratulations on the holiday of beauty and femininity!”– not infrequently this is how women are greeted on International Women’s Day.

However, this wish is offensive, write in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In order to properly and correctly congratulate women on March 8, the ministry recommends avoiding stereotypical wishes.

An example of how NOT to:

“Congratulations, our darlings! May your eyes always shine like stars, and your beauty will be as charming as you are!”, the Ministry of Internal Affairs cites an example.

Instead, it is better to pay attention to the original meaning of the holiday – equal rights between men and women – and express your wishes as follows:

“Congratulations, dear colleagues! On the International Day of the Struggle for Women’s Rights, we want to say once again that each of you is a reliable part of our unit. Your professionalism and preparedness help us all to hold our defense and destroy our enemies!”

During the greeting, the ministry advises not to mention the qualities of character and beauty, but instead to emphasize the achievements and importance of women’s work.

“Dear colleagues, on the Day of the struggle for women’s rights, we want to thank you for your contribution to the work of our unit. Rest assured, we always support you on the path of professional growth!” – the ministry cites another positive example of greetings from March 8.

In addition, during the greeting, it can be noted that many women today serves in the armed forces.

“Dear sisters, defending the border, you protect millions of people in our country. Thank you for your steadfastness, courage and loyalty to Ukraine!” – added another example in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

We will remind that International Women’s Day, which is celebrated on March 8, this year in Ukraine remains public holiday

However, he will not be a day off.

We used to reportedwhich is losing ground on March 8 – if in 2017 this holiday was one of the most popular, now it is celebrated by 21% of the population.


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