How to choose a dermatologist – advice from a doctor

How to choose a dermatologist – advice from a doctor


How to choose a dermatologist – advice from a doctor


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It is not always easy to find a doctor who knows his business well and does not treat with folk methods. A dermatologist is no exception, who is able to solve not only medical, but also, to a certain extent, aesthetic problems.

What should you pay attention to when choosing such a doctor – dermatologist Anastasia Melnyk told “UP. Life”.

“Red flags” for a dermatologist

Author’s methods

In order to have proprietary methods, a doctor must have his own research laboratory. In our realities, only a few can afford this.

It is good when a doctor has his own vision and approaches to treatment. However, they should always be based on international protocols and treatment standards.

Lack of medical practice

A doctor cannot be only a blogger – give advice on social networks and not deal with patients. Practice is very important in this profession.

Continuous “stamping” of courses and guides

The very presence of training courses and guides from a doctor does not carry anything bad in itself. However, if there are many of them and they appear continuously, it is worth thinking about. A doctor should first of all devote his time to medical practice.

A medical student without the necessary qualifications

The doctor must have a full medical education. A student who is just studying cannot fully engage in the treatment of people.

Aggressive promotion of a certain brand as the only effective one

Dermatologists can collaborate and represent certain brands. However, if the doctor aggressively insists on one and only firm and denies the effectiveness of everything else, he simply has a desire to sell.

Promotion of folk medicine and eco-remedies

You should always rely on officially recognized medicine and international treatment protocols.

Screening for many tests

When a doctor prescribes a screening consisting of 50 tests to all patients, it is a waste of time and money. Usually 7 tests per year are enough.

Tips “for everyone”

Advice “for everyone” does not take into account the individual characteristics and capabilities of a person. A personal approach is always necessary.

Lack of collegiality

A doctor must be able to ask for help from his colleagues and consult with them without problems. This is one of the important factors of his professional development.

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