This year, NMT is mandatory for admission to creative specialties – MES

This year, NMT is mandatory for admission to creative specialties – MES


This year, NMT is mandatory for admission to creative specialties


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This year, entrants to universities for creative specialties must take the national multi-subject test (NMT).

Such a statement did in the Ministry of Education and Science after the art universities headed by the rector of the National Music Academy of Ukraine tried to achieve cancellation of NMT for their applicants.

The department emphasized that during admission, graduates must confirm the knowledge they received at school.

“Such a demand is consistently defended by the Ministry of Education and Culture within the framework of the state policy on strengthening the quality of higher education.

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree (and, therefore, higher education) in an art higher education institution is not only the development of creativity. This is also the acquisition of fundamental knowledge and competences, which are foreseen by a person who has a higher education.” – noted in the institution.

At the same time, the creative competition will still have the greatest impact on the competition score. Its share is 60%, while NMT subjects – 10% each.

“For admission to creative specialties (in the case of a 60-40 distribution of points between TC and NMT), scores from each subject of NMT will play a decisive role in the sum of the total admission score, but will still have a place, which indicates the readiness of the applicant for higher education”, – told the Ministry of Education and Culture.

In addition, the preparation of the NMT gives the applicant the opportunity to submit applications not only for creative, but also for all other specialties.

At the same time, NMT is not required for admission to institutions of professional preliminary higher education for creative specialties.

We will remind, this year the main session of NMT will pass from May 14 to June 25, and an additional one from July 11 to 19.

Sign up you can take the test until April 11 inclusive.

Assess your chances for admission to secondary specialized and higher education institutions using the website of the Unified State Electronic Database on Education (UEDEBO).


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