In Britain, a literary collection about the war was published with a dedication to Victoria Ameline

In Britain, a literary collection about the war was published with a dedication to Victoria Ameline

The British publishing house Jetstone created an anthology of works dedicated to the Russian-Ukrainian war called “Writing Under Fire: Poetry and Prose from Ukraine and the Black Country” (“Writing under fire: Poetry and prose from Ukraine and the Black Country”).

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This was reported by Chitomo publication.

Ukrainian writers in this unique collection reflect on Russia’s war against their country to understand the impact of terror and the trauma it causes. They receive responses from colleagues whose work is related to the “Black Country” in Great Britain. Sometimes British writers communicate with their Ukrainian colleagues on a tangent, and sometimes we find more direct, intimate conversations. The development of transcultural dialogue builds a literary bridge aimed at supporting Ukraine.“, says the website of the publishing house.

The book presents the works of 10 Ukrainian authors: Galina Kruk, Igor Pavlyuk, Bohdan Kolomiychuk, Roksolana Zharkova, Lyudmila Taran, Rostislav Melnikova, Dmytro Semchyshyn, Ivan Andrusiak, Tetyana Belimova, Victoria Amelina.

The collection was dedicated to the writer Viktoria Amelinia, who died as a result of a severe wound after the shelling of Kramatorsk by Russian troops.

Anthology cover, cover photo – Tessa Postuma de Boer.

“Writing Under Fire: Poetry and Prose from Ukraine and the Black Country” collected 21 works and combines various literary genres, including fairy tales. According to the compilers of the anthology, they give voice to protest against the inhumanity and injustice of what is being done to a sovereign people.

The texts were adapted in English Nina Murray and Vitaly Chernetskyi. Compilers of the collection – Sebastian Gross, Carmel Dugan, Sofia Filonenko and Carrie Hadley-Price.

All proceeds from the sales will be used to restore the Berdyansk library, which was looted and burned by Russian troops, and to replenish its funds. As Chitomo reports, the collection will later be available on the website of the Jetstone publishing house, at the Waterstones Wolverhampton bookstore, and at a presentation within the Wolverhampton Literary Festival.

About Victoria Amelina

Victoria’s debut novel “The November Syndrome, or Homo Compatiens” was published in 2014. It was included in the top ten prose publications according to the “LitAccent of the Year – 2014” award. The very next year, the novel was republished, and it was shortlisted for the Valery Shevchuk Award.

In 2016, her first children’s book “Someone, or Watery Heart” was published. Her next children’s book “E-e-stories of the excavator Eka” was published in 2021.

Victoria Amelia. Photo from her Facebook.

In 2017, “Stary Lev Publishing House” published Victoria’s second novel “Home for Home”. Then the book was recognized at the literary awards: “LitAccent of the Year – 2017”, the UNESCO City of Literature Award, the European Literary Award.

Texts by Victoria Amelina were published in Polish, Czech, German, Dutch and English translations. Recently, the novel “Home for Home” was translated into Spanish.

In 2021, Victoria became the laureate of the Joseph Konrad-Kozhenovsky Literary Prize. In the same year, she founded the New York Literary Festival, which took place in the village of New York in the Bakhmut district of the Donetsk region.

Cover of the book “Home for Home”. Photo: Stary Lev Publishing House.

On July 3, 2023, it became known about the death of Amelina due to an injury incompatible with life. On June 27, 2023, 9 people were killed on the spot and about 60 people were injured as a result of a rocket attack by the Russian occupiers on a restaurant in Kramatorsk.

In September 2023, it became known that Arrowsmith Press will publish an anthology of works dedicated to Victoria Amelin. The book has a title Nothing Bad Has Ever Happened: A Bouquet for Victoria Amelina (“Nothing Bad Ever Happened: A Bouquet for Victoria Amelina”)

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