In Chernivtsi, parents are demanding the dismissal of the lyceum director after an incident involving bullying of children

In Chernivtsi, parents are demanding the dismissal of the lyceum director after an incident involving bullying of children


Parents demand the dismissal of the lyceum principal after the incident with the policewoman


Parents of students of Chernivtsi gymnasium No. 5 “Integral” demand the dismissal of the director Vira Sopetyk. The reason for this is an incident with a policewoman who worked at the school.

According to the parents, she shouted at the children and threatened them, informs Public with reference to the police of the Chernivtsi region and local the public in Telegram “Good Chernivtsi”.

In the police started official investigation and suspended the employee.

March 6 in local pubs made public audio recording of a policewoman’s conversation with schoolchildren at Integral gymnasium No. 5. It is clear from it that the topic of the children’s meeting with the law enforcement officer was the rules of behavior at school.

The audio also shows a policewoman forcing one child to squat down and yelling at another because of her loose hair.

“If it doesn’t reach you through the word, when you are asked, it will reach through the pain in the hands and feet. We have a large territory, there is someone to clean.”can be heard on the recording.

On the morning of March 7, more than 100 parents of gymnasium students appealed to the Department of Education with a demand to fire the headmistress because of such an “educational conversation” by the law enforcement officer.

The department says that they are still consulting with lawyers about whether there are sufficient grounds for the dismissal of the director of “Integral” Vera Sopetyk. She herself believes that there are no such grounds.

“There is an alleged violation of children’s rights. I spoke with the parents for three hours. They say that they fear for the lives and health of the children if they stay in the institution. This is their position.”– says the head of the education department, Iryna Tkachuk.

Vera Sopetyk explained that she decided to take educational measures after repeated complaints from teachers. She herself was present at one of the meetings of the law enforcement officer with students.

She says that when she saw the children squatting, she told them to stop, but not all of them did.

According to the director, the children were not humiliated and there was no violence. She even gave an example that children do the same exercises in physical education, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

However, the parents of the children who attended the “educational hour” with the policewoman have a different opinion.

Thus, in a comment for “UP. Life”, the mother of eighth-grader Olena said that the policewoman’s first conversation with the children took place on Monday, March 4.

“The parents were not informed about the meeting with the policewoman in advance. After the meeting, the son said that the law enforcement officer started intimidating the children: they said they would be sent to an orphanage, and their parents would be sent to the front. There were other threats, such as that the children would be reported for bad grades.

The son was very worried, he did not sleep well on the eve of the second meeting, which took place on Wednesday, March 6”, says the mother of a student of the Integral Lyceum.

She notes that her son’s grades are really bad, but to a greater extent it is the fault of teachers who treat children badly. Olena says that rudeness and rudeness are manifested even in classes, and teachers treat students with extreme disdain.

“When I heard the audio of that meeting with the policewoman, I was shocked. In addition to her, there was also a principal and a class leader in the class, but none of them stood up for the children.

The representative of the juvenile police behaved rudely, shouted, asked questions from the school curriculum, and if the child could not answer, made him sit down a certain number of times. In my opinion, the question of this policewoman is not her area of ​​competence“, the woman notes.

She adds that the son tried in every possible way to avoid this “educative” conversation with the representative of the police – he even asked to take him out of lessons because of a headache.

“But it was not only our class that suffered yesterday. The policewoman had the same “educational conversation” with three fifth graders. Children 9-10 years old study there, but they are not even teenagers yet. These students were simply afraid and cried.

We really hope that this incident will not be “shut up”. In general, it is very painful that such bullying happened to teenagers, because most of them have lost faith in justice and protection from law enforcement officers. And this is the generation for which we are fighting and we want them to have a different mentality and attitude towards law enforcement officers.” – emphasizes Olena.

It will be recalled that the educational ombudsman announced the position school security officer in frontline schools. The law enforcement officer had to ensure security.


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