In Iran, the laureates of the Nobel Peace Prize passed another verdict

In Iran, the laureates of the Nobel Peace Prize passed another verdict

In Iran, the court sentenced the laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize, Narges Mohammadi, for “spreading propaganda against the Islamic Republic.”

The woman is already in prison, so the judge sentenced her to an additional 15 months of imprisonment, reports AP News.

The court’s verdict states that after serving the sentence, the woman will be prohibited from traveling abroad and having a phone for two years.

Also, she will not be able to participate in political and social organizations.

Narges Mohammadi. Photo: AP

Now Mohammadi is in the Iranian capital, Tehran, where he is serving a 30-month term in Evin prison. According to the court’s decision, the Nobel laureate will spend her second term in another prison.

For the first time, a woman was convicted for spreading propaganda against the ruling system, disobedience in prison and slandering the authorities.

It is noted that international human rights organizations, in particular the United Nations, consider the Nobel laureate a political prisoner.

Narges Mohammadi is a political and civil activist, a defender of women’s rights and a critic of the death penalty. She became the second woman from Iran to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

In 2023, Mohammadi became a laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize for the fight against the oppression of women in Iran and the protection of human rights. Her children received the prize, and Tehran accused the Nobel Committee of interfering in the country’s internal affairs.

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