In Kyiv, a hotel did not let a woman into the shelter during an air raid: details

In Kyiv, a hotel did not let a woman into the shelter during an air raid: details


Radisson Blu Hotel, located in the center of Kyiv

Radisson Hotels

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In Kyiv, the four-star Radisson Blu hotel refused to let a woman into the shelter during an air raid alert on March 25, when there was a threat of ballistic strikes.

About this reported Kateryna Smachilo.

In a comment for “UP. Life”, Kateryna said that her car was in the parking lot near this hotel, so when she heard the siren, she went to the administrator’s desk without thinking and asked to be reminded how to get to the shelter.

“I was told that the shelter is available only to those who live in the hotel. I was outraged, but due to the fear of ballistics, I went to a nearby facility and waited out the alarm there.” – said the girl.

After that, Kateryna called the police.

In a comment for “UP. Life”, the representative of the press service of the Shevchenkiv Police Department of the State Police of Kyiv, Anna Zubareva, said that the victim had written a statement. It will be considered in 15 working days.

“The hotel employees will be interrogated. Only after that we will be able to give a legal assessment of the incident.” – said Anna.

The police also noted: if the shelter located in the facility is not on the official bomb shelter map of the city, the management decides whether to let people in there.

The woman told about the incident in her social networks. The hotel reacted to her post: they asked for a phone number to explain why they did not let her into the bomb shelter.

“You will explain to the police and the military administration. There can be no explanations here.”– answered the victim.

However, the hotel did not respond to this message. And on their Instagram page, they explained: when the shelter is overcrowded, guests have priority in protection.

“We always make sure that, first of all, those who are staying with us are in a safe place,” – they noted in the story.

“UP. Life” turned to the hotel administration Radisson Blu by commentbut has not yet received an answer.

We will remind you that in “Action” appeared interactive map of shelters.


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