In Kyiv, the names of 28 educational and cultural institutions were de-Russified

In Kyiv, the names of 28 educational and cultural institutions were de-Russified

The Kyiv City Council de-Russified the names of 14 educational institutions and 12 cultural institutions. The decision was adopted by a majority of votes at the plenary session on November 9.

This is reported on the website of the Kyiv Council.

“The names of urban objects of the capital, educational institutions and cultural institutions should not bear the names of Russian and Soviet figures, and also cannot perpetuate the historical events of the aggressor country and its colonizing past.” – explained Volodymyr Bondarenko, Deputy Mayor, Secretary of the Kyiv City Council.

Plenary meeting in the Kyiv City Council. Photo: Official portal of Kyiv

12 libraries were de-Russified:

  • named after V. Kotyka became “Na Mezhihirska”;
  • named after F. Dostoevsky – named after H. Skovorody;
  • named after M. Lermontov – named after I. Shamo;
  • named after O. Novikov-Pryboy – named after M. Slaboshpytskyi.
  • named after M. Nekrasova – Holosiivska;
  • “Chapaevka Family Reading Library” – “Family Reading Library”;
  • named after S. Aini – named after A. Dimarova;
  • named after O. Griboyedova – “Library on Vyshhorodskaya”;
  • named after K. Chukovsky – named after H. Chubach;
  • “Friendship of Nations” – “Ethno-library”;
  • City Specialized Youth Library “Young Guard” – City Specialized Youth Library.

De-Russification of school names:

  • Kyiv Children’s Music School No. 14 named after D. Kabalevsky became named after Yu. Shchurovskyi;
  • Specialized school No. 2 named after D. Karbyshev – Lyceum No. 2 named after Hero of Ukraine V. Yerk;
  • the names of M. Kirponos, Z. Slyusarenko, V. Molchanov, O. Pushkin, Yu. Gagarin, I. Kudry, A. Makarenko, O. Boychenko, K. Gaponenko, M. Gromov, I. Khytrychenko, V. Kudryashova, S The cap was removed from the names of the schools.

We will remind you that earlier we wrote why it is worth de-Russifying the National Music Academy of Ukraine named after P. I. Tchaikovsky.

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