In Lviv, a 13-year-old volunteer was operated on, whose left leg was shorter than the right

In Lviv, a 13-year-old volunteer was operated on, whose left leg was shorter than the right

Lviv surgeons operated on 13-year-old Kyryl Chudny, a volunteer from Kharkiv, whose left leg was 5 cm shorter than the right.

In the right limb, orthopedists used plates to stop the growth of the bone, according to the St. Nicholas Hospital.

Kirill is from Kharkiv, but after February 24, 2022, together with his family, he moved to the city of Leva.

Here, together with his older sister, Kyrylo started volunteering and helping other displaced children.

Photo: St. Nicholas Children’s Hospital

Every Friday, together with a team of young do-gooders, where Kyrylo is the youngest, he goes to a modular town for displaced people, helps the children there with their studies and organizes their leisure time“, – they tell in the hospital.

According to the boy, the main goal is to cheer up children.

Thanks to our help, these children are not so sad and their childhood is not so terrible. Despite the fact that they had to move to another city, they will be able to remember the fun moments“, – says a young volunteer.

Every Wednesday, Kyrylo participates in preparing and distributing food to the needy.

For volunteering and the troubles of other people, the teenager did not pay attention to his own problems – Kyrylo began to lag behind his peers physically and could not run fast.

In the hospital, it was established that Kirill’s left leg is 5 cm shorter than the right, because the growth of the left limb has slowed down due to a benign tumor in the bones.

In order to equalize the length of the limbs, orthopedists decided to temporarily stop the growth of the right leg.

“The doctors conducted minimally invasive surgery and special plates were inserted to stop bone growth. According to doctors’ forecasts, in about a year and a half, Kirill’s shorter left leg will catch up with his right. Then the plates can be removed“, – they say in the St. Nicholas Hospital.

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Photo: St. Nicholas Children’s Hospital

Kyrylo is currently recovering from surgery, working with a physical therapist and developing his leg. Rehabilitation will continue for several more weeks.

The teenager wants to return to full life and volunteering as soon as possible.

According to orthopedists, if Kirill’s mother had not paid attention to the defect in time, over time the difference between the length of the legs would have become greater and the boy would have started limping.

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