In Russia, a summons was issued to a 17-year-old teenager deported from Mariupol

In Russia, a summons was issued to a 17-year-old teenager deported from Mariupol

In Russia, 17-year-old Bohdan Yermokhin, who was illegally deported from Mariupol, was served with a summons.

This is reported by Radio Liberty with reference to the teenager’s lawyer, Kateryna Bobrovska.

Bohdan’s parents died when he was 8 years old. His guardian was his sister all the time.

First, the Russian military took Bohdan to occupied Donetsk. And already in May 2022, he ended up in a children’s sanatorium in the Moscow region of Russia.

17-year-old Bohdan Yermokhin, who was illegally taken to Russia, was served with a summons. Photo: Radio Svoboda

In July 2022, he was placed under the care of Russian Iryna Rudnytska, a veteran of the Chechen war. After that, the boy turned to a lawyer for help.

“On July 3, 2022, Bohdan made several unsuccessful attempts to return to Ukraine. He is still under guardianship in Russia, despite the fact that he has a legal guardian in Ukraine. He was issued a Russian passport and is being forced to obtain a passport of a Russian citizen in order to travel abroad.” – notes Kateryna Bobrovska.

Bohdan will turn 18 on November 19. He has already received a summons to appear before the Military Committee of the Moscow Region on December 19, 2023.

“Bohdan’s sister and I have provided all the necessary documents confirming that Bohdan and his sister are blood relatives, as well as documents confirming that she is his legal guardian.

Documents are notarized and have an Apostille (an official government-issued certificate attached to documents so that they are recognized when presented in another country). His Ukrainian domestic passport and Ukrainian foreign passport are also available.” Bobrovska says.

However, in a conversation with the lawyer, Bohdan informed that Maria Lvova-Belova (Commissioner under the President of the Russian Federation for Children’s Rights) has no intention of returning him to Ukraine.

It will be recalled that philanthropists returned another 19 children from the temporarily occupied territories.

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