In the Kyiv region, the police seized a red-listed lynx that was being sold online. PHOTO

In the Kyiv region, the police seized a red-listed lynx that was being sold online.  PHOTO

In the Kyiv region, a 36-year-old man sold a red-listed young lynx on an online classifieds platform. A resident of Kyiv wanted to sell a kitten of a rare species for 3.8 thousand dollars (over 140 thousand hryvnias). Law enforcement officers seized the animal and opened administrative proceedings. This was first reported by TV presenter Tetyana Goncharova, and then the information was confirmed by the spokeswoman of the Kyiv Oblast Police Iryna Pryanishnikova in a comment to “UP. Life”. “We were contacted by the presenter Tetyana Goncharova. On one of the trading platforms known to us, there was an advertisement for the sale of a female, small lynx. Of course, we understood that the animal is in the Red Book, its sale is prohibited. The person from whom we seized this animal, still not in contact,” said Iryna Pryanishnikova. Photo: Kyiv region police The policemen caught the lynx seller at the moment of “buying”. The man, born in 1987, who kept the lynx, has a Kyiv residence permit. So far, he does not say where he got the rare animal from. The police assume that the kitten was kept for breeding and sale. In the Kyiv region, the police seized a red-listed lynx that was sold online “Thanks to Tetyana Goncharova and the URSA organization, which deals with animals, we found out that there was a correspondence with these owners. They advised how to feed and breed them. The lynx lives in their apartment, like a cat. This man really didn’t want to tell anything or give a trot at first, he even broke the carrier where the animal was, and we bought it additionally,” says Iryna. A resident of Kyiv, born in 1987, was selling a kitten of a red-listed animal. 88-1 of the Code of Ukraine on administrative offenses. It is about “violation of the order of acquisition or sale of objects of the animal or plant world, the rules of keeping wild animals in captivity or in semi-free conditions.” The animal was taken to a safe place. The investigation is ongoing. The lynx was moved to a safe place, and the “seller” faces administrative responsibility – a fine from 100 to 215 subsistence minimums. Violator faces fine for attempted illegal sale of lynx The police will still find out why the announcement of the sale of an animal from the Red Book of Ukraine ended up on an online trading platform. Host Tetyana Goncharova also demands explanations from the company. “OLX Ukraine, if you prohibit the publication of ads for the sale of red-listed animals, why do I see these ads and can “buy” a lynx? Brought as a kitten in a carrier by agreement. Animal protection organizations, in particular our URSA, have no shortage of work to remind you of your the same rules. Monitor your ads,” Goncharova wrote. Read also: Forests are burning in Ukraine, water is disappearing from wells, and lynxes are being sold on OLX. Is there a way out?

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