In the Lviv region, a doctor is suspected of negligence due to the death of a patient from a heart attack

In the Lviv region, a doctor is suspected of negligence due to the death of a patient from a heart attack

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The therapist of one of the central district hospitals of the Lviv region is suspected of improper performance of duties due to the death of a patient.

The 63-year-old man suffered from a myocardial infarction, but he was diagnosed with “ischemic heart disease”, the Lviv Regional Prosecutor’s Office reported.

Under the procedural guidance of the Stryi district prosecutor’s office, the woman has already been informed of the suspicion.

According to the investigation, in June 2023, the man went to the hospital with complaints of high blood pressure and chest pain.

The therapist of the reception department examined the 63-year-old patient and made an electrocardiogram.

According to the results of the examinations, she allegedly made an incorrect diagnosis (ischemic heart disease) and sent the patient home.

However, in reality, the man had myocardial infarctionso he needed the consultation of related specialists (cardiologist/reanimatologist) and urgent hospitalization in a hospital.

“A few hours after the initial examination, the patient died at the workplace – the territory of the quarry.

The cause of death was a heart disease – an acute heart attack, which was complicated by a violation of the contractile function of the heart muscle and led to the arrest of the heart, blood circulation and breathing.”– say the law enforcement officers.

The suspect is charged with “improper performance of professional duties by a medical worker, which caused serious consequences for the patient” (Part 1, Article 140 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

The maximum penalty provided for in this article is two years of imprisonment.

The preventive measure has not been chosen yet. The pre-trial investigation is being conducted by the investigators of the third police department of the Stryi district administration in the Lviv region.

We will remind, in Kyiv, the gynecologist of one of the private clinics is also suspected of negligence. The investigation claims that the diagnosis was made incorrectly by the doctor caused bleeding and shock in the patient.

And in Irshava in Transcarpathia, an endoscopist is suspected of having committed the crime sexual violence against patientswhen they were unconscious.

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