In the USA, a mother put a 1-month-old baby in an oven instead of a crib: she was arrested

In the USA, a mother put a 1-month-old baby in an oven instead of a crib: she was arrested

A 1-month-old baby who was put to sleep in an oven instead of a crib died in Missouri.

The mother, 26-year-old Maria Thomas from Kansas City, claims that she did it by accident. The police arrested her and began an investigation, writes ABC News.

The baby’s grandfather called the police. He returned home after receiving a distress call from his daughter.

“I thought I put her in the crib, but I accidentally put her in the oven,” – Maria told him.

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The tragedy happened in the Manheim Park area of ​​Kansas City on February 9. The police received a call about a baby who was not breathing. Arriving at the place, they saw that the child had severe burns and declared the girl dead.

The mother was charged the next day with first-degree criminal mischief in the child’s death, Jackson County District Attorney Jean Peters Baker said.

“We understand the horrific nature of this tragedy and our hearts are heavy at the loss of a precious life. We trust that the criminal justice system will respond appropriately to these horrific events.” – writes Baker.

The woman is currently in the Jackson County Detention Center. If Maria Thomas is found guilty, she faces from 10 years in prison to life in prison.

The woman may have suffered from mental health issues. In one of her Facebook posts a few weeks before the tragedy, Maria complained that no one cared about her and her daughter.

We will remind you that earlier we provided contacts where you can get free psychological help in crisis situations.

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