The Ukrainian translator of the Nobel laureate Viktor Dmytruk Tokarchuk has died

The Ukrainian translator of the Nobel laureate Viktor Dmytruk Tokarchuk has died

On Saturday, February 10, the Ukrainian translator, literary critic and candidate of philological sciences passed away at the age of 78 Viktor Dmytruk. He translated works from Polish and English, in particular, by Olga Tokarchuk, Adam Zagajewski, John Erskine, and Susan Sontag.

This was reported by Chitomo publication.

Earlier, the Department of Slavic Philology of Ivan Franko Lviv National University wrote about the translator’s death. This was also confirmed by his wife, a Slavologist and literary critic Alla Tatarenko.

The translator and poet shared his memories of Viktor Dmytruk Ostap Slyvinsky. Together they worked on translations of Polish texts by Nobel laureate Olga Tokarchuk.

Viktor Dmytruk with his wife. Photo: Chitomo.

He was a titan translator for me. I do not have such stubbornness, methodicality, consistency. For example, I would not be able to translate Pototskyi’s arch-complex novel “The Manuscript Found in Zaragoza” for years. […] simply because of an internal need and awareness of one’s mission. This translation alone is worth taking off my hat to him. And how much more there was“, Slyvinsky wrote.

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Viktor Dmytruk worked as a senior lecturer at the Department of Foreign Languages ​​at Lviv Polytechnic and as an associate professor at the Department of World Literature at the Ivan Franko National University. He has taught courses in introductory literary studies, history of world literature, and US literature.

He started translating literary and scientific texts in the mid-1990s.

Several books from the work of the translator. Photo: Ostap Slyvinsky.

He translated the economist’s works from English Friedrich August von Hayekphilosophers Barbara Skargy and Francis Fukuyamaan economist Neil Smelzeran anthropologist Thomas Gilland Eriksencritic and writer Susan Sontag, screenwriter Ian McEwanwriters Richard Flanagan, M. J. Highland, John Erskine, and By Richard J. Evansalso the 42nd president of the United States Bill Clinton.

Dmytruk translated a number of the writer’s works from Polish Olga Tokarchukpoetic collections Leszek Engelking, Herbert Zbigniev, Adam Zagaevskii, Veslava Shymborska, Tadeusz Ruzhevych and other Polish poets as prose writers.

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