In Ukraine, 89% of villages do not have stationary pharmacies – Ministry of Health

In Ukraine, 89% of villages do not have stationary pharmacies – Ministry of Health

In Ukraine, the vast majority of villages do not have stationary pharmacies – about 89% of settlements are not provided with medicines.

First Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine Serhiy Dubrov said this in an interview with Ukrainian Radio.

“The availability of in-patient pharmacies in settlements and villages ranges from 2 to 58%, depending on the region. If we talk about the average indicator for Ukraine, then approximately 11% of small settlements have in-patient pharmacies or pharmacies“, said the representative of the Ministry of Health.

This problem should be solved by the project of mobile pharmacy points, Dubrov believes. This is a specially equipped vehicle that can deliver medicine to settlements where there are no stationary pharmacies.

Serhii Dubrov, First Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine. Photo: Ministry of Health

“I am deeply convinced that the process will actively go further, to other regions. I want to thank the licensees who participate in this project and ensure the availability of medicines for the population in small villages, towns, and settlements. And 89% of such villages in Ukraine, which are not have stationary pharmacies“, said the first deputy minister.

He reminded that the first mobile pharmacy has already started working in Kharkiv region. It should cover 80 settlements.

Of course, the network will spread throughout the entire territory of our country, including in the front-line territories, as well as in areas of emergency situations, areas of active hostilities or probable hostilities“, said Serhiy Dubrov.

He noted that mobile pharmacies in the villages will also dispense medicines that are included in the list of reimbursed medicines, i.e. reimbursed under the “Affordable Medicines” program of medical guarantees from the NHSU.

The official added that now it is expected to receive a license from the State Medical Service for Ukrposhta regarding the possibility of dispensing medicinal products. In this way, another project will also work, within the framework of which medicines can be ordered by mail and received at the branches of the postal operator.

We will remind you that earlier the Cabinet of Ministers simplified the requirements for opening pharmacies in villages.

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