In Lviv, three children were born with half-kilogram tumors at once

In Lviv, three children were born with half-kilogram tumors at once

In Lviv, surgeons saved three children who were born with teratomas – sacrococcygeal tumors. The operation was performed in the first days of life.

This was reported in the St. Nicholas Children’s Hospital.

One of the young patients is Matvii from Kharkiv. The boy was born more than a month ago with a weight of 3470 grams, 470 of which was the tumor.

Matviyka’s mother, Evgenia, said that the neoplasm was diagnosed during pregnancy.

Photo: Saint Nicholas Children’s Hospital

At the 20th week of pregnancy, we came for a routine screening in Kharkiv, where we were diagnosed with a teratoma. We were advised to terminate the pregnancy. Matvii was our long-awaited child, so we began to look for opportunities to correct the birth defect.” – the woman shared.

After the birth, doctors monitored the boy and decided to perform an operation to remove the tumor. It took place in several stages: first, the tumor was removed, then doctors performed plastic surgery of soft tissues and anorectoplasty – an operation performed to eliminate anomalies of the anus and rectum. According to doctors, everything went well.

Mother of newborn Matvii

At the same time as Matvii, surgeons operated on two more girls with the same defect – Yaryna and Zlata – at the children’s hospital. The intervention was successful in both babies. Today, they are already a month old, they have gained strength and can go home, the doctors say.

“We have never had such a number of children who were born with congenital teratoma almost at once. Applications with this pathology have increased since we opened our own maternity ward at our hospital.” – the message says.

Doctors of St. Nicholas Children’s Hospital saved the child

The hospital emphasizes that teratoma develops in children while they are still in the womb. This rare defect is amenable to surgical intervention and is not an indication for termination of pregnancy.

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Vira Shurmakevych, UP. Life

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