In Uzbekistan, they will be punished for promoting polygamy

In Uzbekistan, they will be punished for promoting polygamy

In Uzbekistan, amendments were made to the legislation, which, in particular, introduced responsibility for promoting polygamy and promoting discrimination based on gender.

This was reported by the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan on November 1.

“The promotion of cohabitation with two or more wives, the dissemination of views, ideas or calls for it, as well as the encouragement of such behavior.

It entails a fine from 4 million 950 thousand to 9 million 900 thousand soums or administrative arrest for up to 15 days”the message says.

If you convert the amounts (Uzbek currency) into Ukrainian hryvnias, fines range from approximately 14.5 thousand hryvnias to 29.3 thousand hryvnias.

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Also, changes to the Code of Administrative Responsibility prohibit:

  • a religious marriage between people who have not entered into marriage in accordance with the procedure established by law, in particular with a person who has not reached marriageable age (18 years).
  • promotion of discrimination based on gender, in particular “open denial of equal rights of women and men, dissemination of views, ideas or calls for such content, as well as public justification and (or) encouragement of such actions”;
  • being in public places with the face so covered that it does not allow identification of the person.

Polygamy is officially prohibited in Uzbekistan and entails a fine, correctional labor for up to 3 years, or restriction or deprivation of liberty for up to 3 years (Article 126 of the Criminal Code). However, this practice is still widespread in the country, particularly in religious communities.

Between 2018 and 2022, 34 people were convicted of polygamy. And for the first half of 2023, 4 violators were exposed.

It will be recalled that UNICEF previously predicted that it would take 300 years for child marriage to disappear.

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