Lawyer Medvedchuk is planned to be made the head of the Culture Committee of the Kyiv City Council

Lawyer Medvedchuk is planned to be made the head of the Culture Committee of the Kyiv City Council

Former member of the OPZZH party (now banned) and lawyer Viktor Medvedchuk Igor Kyrylenka are planning to appoint the deputy head of the Committee on Culture at the Kyiv City Council.

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This was reported by a deputy of the city council Victoria Ptashnyk on your Facebook.


Mega zashkvar in the Kyiv City Council – OPZZhshniks are again given positions in commissions… They want to appoint Medvedchuk’s lawyer, the one who tried to ban Vakhtang Kipiani’s book about Vasyl Stus, as the deputy head of the commission for culture!!!” – wrote Ptashnyk.

According to her, the draft decision “On Amendments to the List of Personnel of Standing Committees of the Kyiv City Council of the 10th Convocation”, by which they want to appoint Kyrylenka, was registered as urgent. It should be considered at the session of the Kyiv City Council on February 8.

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Ptashnyk announced that she will propose to the regulatory commission to exclude the item on the appointment of Kyrylenka, as it does not correspond to the previously adopted decision to prohibit former members of the OPZZH from taking seats in city council commissions.

Kipiani reacted to the possible appointment of Kyrylenka.


It was he who voiced the wildest, boorish and anti-Ukrainian fictions about the great poet in court. Lawyer this is a very important social function, but as in the case of the Hebist six Medvedchuk, so here we are dealing with Russian rot. It is not possible to give any positions to representatives of the banned (!) collaborating organized crime group“, Kipiani wrote on Facebook.

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About Medvedchuk’s lawsuit against Kipiani

In 2020, Viktor Medvedchuk, an ex-deputy from OPZZ, tried through the court to ban the distribution of historian Vakhtang Kipiani’s book “The Case of Vasyl Stus”. It detailed the participation of Medvedchuk, a lawyer appointed by the Soviet state, in the Stus trial.

In October 2020, the Darnytskyi District Court of Kyiv banned the circulation of the book without Medvedchuk’s permission.

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Such a decision caused a stir around the book. The remainder of the first edition was sold out in a matter of minutes, and the publishing house received several thousand pre-orders. At the same time, the Ministry of Culture recommended “The Affairs of Vasyl Stus” to be read and promised to buy it in libraries.

In addition, the Vivat publishing house filed an appeal and won it – the decision to lift the ban on the distribution of the book was made by the Kyiv Court of Appeals on March 19, 2021.

In June 2021, the Kyiv Court of Appeal decided to collect almost 300,000 hryvnias from Medvedchuk in favor of the Vivat publishing house.

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