Lions Jamil and Tsar now live in South Africa: details

Lions Jamil and Tsar now live in South Africa: details


A rescued lion in South Africa

Natuurhulpcentrum Opglabbeek, Born Free Foundation

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The lions Jamil and Tsar, who were rescued by animal rights activists from a contact zoo in Yasnohorodka, Kyiv region, now live in a private South African reserve.

To get there, the animals traveled 12,000 kilometers, are reported in the animal protection organization UAnimals.

Lion cubs who lived on a farm in Yasnohorodka, saved in 2021. By improper conditions of detention and poor nutrition, they developed rickets and developed a state of stress. In addition, the animals had broken bones and numerous sprains.

“The king was the weakest, he had two fractures. Jamil had multiple sprains of ligaments and tendons – due to constant pain in his joints, he could not walk.” – told UAnimals.

When the full-scale invasion began, the lions were evacuated to a rehabilitation center in Belgium. They were treated there.

Now the animals have returned to their homeland – to South Africa.

“We are very happy that Jamil and Tsar have returned home. They overcame a difficult path, but thanks to the efforts and care of many people, they are here. Thank you to everyone who helped save the lions!” – animal rights activists say.

Glen, manager of the Born Free Foundation, which works to end the exploitation and suffering of animals, said Jamil loves exploring the bush in his new home.

He also promised to take care of the animals, because they are theirs adaptation to the new habitat is not yet complete.

We will remind, three lions from Ukraine delivered to an animal park in France.


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