Lisovyi hinted at a new system of teacher motivation

Lisovyi hinted at a new system of teacher motivation


How teachers’ motivation system and salary increase are related – Lisovyi


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The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine is working on the development of potential tools and a teacher motivation system that can influence salary increases.

The Minister of Education and Science Oksen Lisovyi v interview for “UP. Life”.

However, as the head of the Ministry of Education and Culture explained, the ministry’s proposals have not been approved at the political level, so he does not disclose the details.

“Now it is extremely difficult to find funds, in particular for investments in education, when in fact the entire state budget goes to defense. And this year, we are investing in professional engineering, science, higher education, the National University of Higher Education. This is a lot of money, which was not available in previous years.” – says the minister.

According to him, increasing teachers’ salaries requires “colossal sums”.

“And we hope that we will find them. At the same time, we must introduce tools for teacher motivation as a whole: review the tools and approaches of professional development. If we go even further – to change approaches to teacher education as a whole”– noted Oksen Lisovyi.

In his opinion, a teacher should understand how he can earn more and what he needs to do for this.

This is what we are currently working on. If certain scenarios are approved at the political level, we will come out with a presentation to society about how salaries can be increased and what the accompanying mechanisms and tools can be for motivating the teacher – both the one who already works at the school and the potential one”– shared the Minister of Education.

According to Lisovoi, potential innovations can increase the motivation of teachers to study and master digital technologies, because “so they will have a much wider set of tools to work with the audience.”


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