L’Oréal is recruiting participants to become hairdressers and make-up artists®

L’Oréal is recruiting participants to become hairdressers and make-up artists®

L’Oréal Ukraine announces a new season of the general education program “Beauty for All” to help women who have suffered from violence and also find themselves in a difficult situation due to war, to get free education in the field of beauty.

The program is implemented with the support of the L’Oréal Foundation and together with UNFPA, the UN Population Fund in Ukraine.

The purpose of the program is to teach women who are in a difficult life situation, with the help of a special course, the basics of hairdressing and make-up and help them build their way to a new life.

Hairdresser profession

The hairdressing course will take place for the eighth consecutive season at the initiative of the Matrix brand. During four months, from February to May 2024, 100 interviewees will study in highly qualified teachers and the best salon business masters who work with the Matrix brand. The course ensures that all students will have the skills they need to start a career in the salon business.

The course provides more than 240 hours of study, attending classes 2-3 times a week and will last 3.5 months, both online and offline.

In Kyiv, the program is implemented in the premises of the Kyiv College of Light Industry, which was made possible with the assistance of the Kyiv City State Administration and the financial support of the British government, in Lviv – on the basis of the Youth Educational Center named after St. Ivan Bosco.

Training will begin in February in two Ukrainian cities: Kyiv and Lviv. You can apply for participation in Kyiv by linkin Lviv – by link.

Make-up artist profession

The make-up course is launched for the second year in a row at the initiative of the NYX Professional Makeup brand. This course will be taught by highly qualified makeup artists of Ukraine together with MakeUp Me Academy and representatives of the NYX Professional Makeup brand.

20 participants will start studying in Kyiv in March 2024, classes will be held twice a week for 2 months.

You can apply for participation in Kyiv by link.

In 2024, the program additionally foresees classes with a psychologist to help improve the psychological state of the participants and classes with experts in social media promotion and specialists in creating portfolios and CVs, which will give graduates the opportunity to form the necessary skills to easily start a career in the field of beauty.

After completing the studies, the students will receive diplomas on obtaining the profession of a hairdresser or make-up artists, depending on the chosen direction.

During the 6 years of implementation of the general education program in Ukraine, 360 women have received free education in the field of beauty.

“Women in Ukraine are feeling the acute impact of the war on their mental and physical health. Many women have become sole breadwinners in their families, who now have no sources of income or opportunities for professional development. The invasion has caused a high level of uncertainty, which means that they cannot plan their future.

Therefore, the “Beauty for All” program has acquired special significance for us. This is the same opportunity for Ukrainian women to learn a new profession, get a job and rebuild their lives. We invite everyone,” – Dina Turchyna, senior communications specialist at L’Oréal Ukraine.

“We at UNFPA are systematically engaged in supporting women who have suffered from gender-based violence. This problem is especially relevant during the war – in the last two years, the police and social services have received almost half a million appeals about domestic violence.

It is important for a woman to have economic independence in order to break the cycle of violence. That is why we are happy about our long-term cooperation with L’Oréal Ukraine within the framework of the “Beauty for All” project, which provides women with the opportunity to master the profession and start a career in the field beauties”, – Alyona Zubchenko, head of the UNFPA program on combating and preventing gender-based violence.

“The project environment, rich in resources, becomes a good ground for the growth of hairdressing specialists, as well as the formation of their personal characteristics, such as confidence, purposefulness, inner independence, belief in their potential, curiosity for knowledge and creativity.

Undoubtedly, this is facilitated by the professional approach of trainers and, in general, all personnel involved in the implementation of the project’s goals, comprehensive support of female students on their way.

An important aspect of social support is the group itself, as a platform for stabilization, since there is a sense of shared experience, mutual understanding, a field for solving through the interaction of social and relational aspects of a possible traumatic experience, a resource of human relations.

Studying on a hairdressing course is, without a doubt, about enrichment.” – Natalya Vysiatska, Psychologist of the “Beauty for All” project

Beauty for a Better Life!

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