“Love is in the air”: a rescued Ukrainian lioness found a mate in the Netherlands. PHOTO

“Love is in the air”: a rescued Ukrainian lioness found a mate in the Netherlands.  PHOTO

Vasylyna the lioness, who was evacuated from the Kyiv region to an animal shelter in the Netherlands, found a mate. Her chosen one was a lion from Montenegro named Nikola.

This is reported in the shelter for big cats FELIDA.

The police caught Vasylyna a year ago in the Kharkiv region, where she was kept at home. The owner voluntarily surrendered the lioness to the UAnimals shelter.

However, after the Russian missile attack on the Kyiv region, animal rights activists decided to find a new home for the lioness. So the animal got to the Dutch shelter FELIDA, where it found its mate in a few months.


Initially, in order to establish “eye contact”, Vasylyna lived in the aviary next to Nikolay. Later they were settled together.

The first contact between Nikol and Vasylyna was exciting. Both lions had never been in contact with other people before. It took them a while to get used to each other’s presence, but after a few days they started interacting“, FELIDA notes.

Shelter workers adapted their enclosure to provide a secluded socialization environment. Certain training and special pheromones were used to further stimulate animal contact.

Both Leos are full of energy and it took time for them to get used to each other. But after a couple of days, they started to settle in and it looks like love is in the air now“, they continue their romantic story in FELIDA.

The results of the medical examination showed that both lions are completely healthy. To prevent offspring, veterinarians at the Leibniz Zoo and Wildlife Research Institute performed a minimally invasive sterilization procedure on young lion Nikola. The operation was successful, the animal is recovering.

We will remind you that earlier we wrote that fragments of a Russian rocket fell near the Center for the Rescue of Wild Animals near Kyiv. As a result, one of the lionesses received a concussion.

And in the Kyiv Zoo, they told the story of the rescue of a pair of feline lemurs from Kherson, whose home was destroyed by Russian shelling.

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