Lullabies for children. A selection of good Ukrainian songs that will make a child sleep

Lullabies for children.  A selection of good Ukrainian songs that will make a child sleep


A mother does not need talent or vocal skills to sing baby lullabies.

A lullaby is another way to express your love and care to your child.

UP Life has collected for you a selection of Ukrainian lullabies that you should introduce your little ones to.

Folk lullabies

Ukrainian folk lullabies are a cultural heritage that is difficult to overestimate. Thanks to them, we can feel the love of our ancestors through the ages, learn a little about what parenthood was like for them, hear what words they addressed to their children.

We suggest that the children listen and sing the following:

Oh, sleep walks around the windows

This folk lullaby is the epitome of Ukrainian hygge. A warm, cozy hut, the purring of a cat, dusk outside the window and the long, calm voice of my mother nearby.

Lullaby “Oh, sleep walks near the windows”

Photo by Andrii Kalistratenko, UP. Life

Could this song be made more beautiful? Close your eyes, turn it on to the performance of Kvitka Tsysyk and enjoy. And then sing to your baby.

The cat is gray

Lullaby Little gray cat

Lullaby “Grey Kitten”

Photo by Andrii Kalistratenko, UP. Life

That children’s lullaby, which probably everyone knows. Some say it’s too sad, some say it’s too simple, but this is a classic real folk lullaby: sticky, sticky, like a dream itself; enveloping, hypnotizing, lulling and somehow very familiar.

Oh lyuli, lyuli

The hummingbirds in lullabies are doves. Can you imagine their grumbling? Is there a bird that is better than a baby?

Koliskova Oy luly, luly

Lullaby “Oh Lyuli, Lyuli”

Photo by Andrii Kalistratenko, UP. Life

But in the cradle, the mother asks for complete silence for the child: let the wind not hum, and the bird not sing, let the dove and dove be quiet, because the child wants to sleep.

Ah-ah-ah, rollers two

We have come across many variations of this song. One of the famous ones is a longing one, where the mother asks the child to sleep because she has to leave her and go to work, then I will come on Saturday. In our ancestors, motherhood was often associated with sadness and pain. Often, they could only dream about sleeping or just being with their child during the day. These feelings were reflected in folk art.

Lullaby Ah-ah-ah, two cats

Lullaby “Ah, ah, cats two”

Photo by Andrii Kalistratenko, UP. Life

We suggest that the baby sing a happy version of this song, where the cats went to get prey for the little master.

Ah, there are two cats,

Gray, white both,

They walked along the shore

That duck on the perch,

A feather in the pillow,

So that the baby was asleep,

She was sleeping, not screaming.

Ah, ah! Ah, ah!

Goyda, goyda-goy, the night is going

Are there any Ukrainian cinematographers here? If this is you, then you probably recognize this lullaby. It was sung in the tape The diploma was lost with the legendary Ivan Mykolaichuk. It is not popular, but in terms of content and style it could well be.

Lullaby Goyda, goyda-goy, the night is coming

Lullaby “Swing, swing, swing, the night is coming”

Photo by Andrii Kalistratenko, UP. Life

Music Halyna Menkush to the words of Volodymyr Ivanyshyn, and the first performance by the trio Golden keys with Nina Matvienko. The lullaby is also significant for Ukrainians because the country said goodbye to the heroes of the Heavenly Hundred under her accompaniment.

Lullabies of our childhood

Here we have collected Ukrainian lullabies from our childhood. Some of them may have been sung to you by your mother or grandmother, some of which you heard from the screens of then still flat-bellied televisions during the evening fairy tale.

These Ukrainian lullabies evoke warm and poignant memories. When we become parents, we remember them first, because they rocked us like that. These are the children’s lullabies that we sing when the baby is just born and the words, no matter how beautiful they are, are not important. Only your voice and love.

The evening is melting, the night is near

Alla Mihai

Koliskova Tane evening, night is near

Lullaby “The evening is melting, the night is close”

Photo Andriy Kalistratenko, UP.Zhyttia

This composition is definitely close to mothers who are now in their 30s: you are still not many years old, and in the evening you can already hear this melody on UT-1. Mood: call your parents and dive into memories of your childhood.


Alla Migai and Natalia Kulyk

Sonko-Drymko's lullaby

Lullaby “Sonko-Drymko”

Photo Andriy Kalistratenko, UP.Zhyttia

Another lullaby that can induce sleep in a child and nostalgia in a mother. This song is about the fabulous Sonok Drimko, who carries dreams for every taste. Koliskova was finishing the broadcasts of the TV show An evening fairy tale.

There is a green house in the forest

Platon Voronko

This lullaby to the well-known poem by Platon Voronek is found in combination with various music. In the link, we suggest the authorship of Iryna Kirilina.

Lullaby There is a green house in the forest

Lullaby “There is a green house in the forest”

Photo by Andrii Kalistratenko, UP. Life

However, try singing it without knowing the melody. The poem is very rhythmic, easy to remember – just the thing when the baby can’t fall asleep and you rock him in your arms.

There is a green house in the forest,

Bear cubs fell asleep there.

And the smallest one is irritable –

The gray-haired mother is fed up.

Says: I do not want to sleep,

I will run away from the house at night,

When you don’t give honey,

Fish, lard, sausages!

Luly-luly, you have to sleep,—

The mother whispers over her son,

When you fall asleep, that’s all

Sleep in a basket will bring.

Sleep little Cossack

band Ruthenia

The band Ruthenia recorded a baby lullaby back in 1992 as their first line-up, so it’s entirely possible that this is the lullaby your dad used to sing you at bedtime as a child.

Lullaby Sleep, little Cossack

Lullaby “Sleep, little Cossack”

Photo by Andrii Kalistratenko, UP. Life

In 2013, it was covered by the singer Rosava – and in this performance the song became even more popular. A very gentle and sensual melody and insightful words.

Little hands, little feet, gentle eyes

Mykola Som, Oscar Sandler

A lullaby that is simply created to relax a child. Pat the baby’s arms and legs when you sing, push back the bangs that catch your eye.

Lullaby Little hands, little feet, gentle eyes

Lullaby “Little hands, little feet, gentle eyes”

Photo Andriy Kalistratenko, UP.Zhyttia

Such music is able to provide support later, in adult life – father’s strength, mother’s caress and grandfather’s tales, which are sung about in the song, will emerge in the memory along with the notes.

Modern children’s lullabies

Children grow up, their tummies stop hurting, all their teeth erupt, and they no longer need to be rocked in your arms. Very soon there will be no need for a cradle and a stroller. However, this does not mean that lullabies disappear from your nesting ritual.

Older children really like lullabies – when mom’s gentle voice sings an interesting story. Although they can’t always wait for it to end and sometimes they fall asleep when mom is still singing.

Sleep, dear cat


It is difficult to choose the best words to sing something about today to a child. This song is a military man Oleg Berestovy sang to his one-month-old son. An incredible video of their couple went viral on the Internet, the protective dad found Svitlana Tarabarova and offered to record a song together. It turned out very easily and gently, like really telling a story to a baby.

Lullaby Sleep, dear kitty

Lullaby “Sleep, dear kitty”

Andrii Kalistratenko, UP. Life

This is exactly what you should imagine before going to sleep – a family vacation in Crimea, rebuilt cities and everyone at home. Singing to your babies is a must, the main task of a mother at this time is not to cry.

Bunny and mouse

Zoryana Lysevych

If you have a child, you are most likely familiar with the song about Macaroon, Tractor John, Goose-train engine. Their viral words are from Zoryana Lysevych, the author of the lyrics of the YouTube channel With love for children. Like this wonderful lullaby.

Lullaby The Bunny and the Mouse

Lullaby “The Bunny and the Mouse”

Andrii Kalistratenko, UP. Life

The bunny and the mouse scurry away from home, and the child asks them to play together. The toys talk about their plans, and finally say that it’s time for them to go to bed.

Boat, sail away

Zoryana Lysevych

Another Ukrainian lullaby from the studio With love for children and Zoryana Lysevych. It is very easy to learn by heart and perfectly lulls you to sleep, because it has many repeated lines. A travel song about contemplating the surrounding beauty.

Lullaby to the boat, swim

Lullaby “Boat, swim”

Andrii Kalistratenko, UP. Life

Invite the child to imagine himself in a boat sailing down the river on a warm sunny day. And sing it again and again, repeating it from the beginning.



A lullaby suitable for older children, about war and struggle. About the fact that the darkness is not eternal, and the parents will not allow the child to be harmed. The sounds of bandura fit the song very well.



Andrii Kalistratenko, UP. Life

You can watch the clip together in advance and tell the child more: both about the instrument and its history, and about the war and our day.

The air A fabulous lullaby

Nazar Savko

Cute and funny lullaby from the creator of the children’s super hit Bubble. Nazar Savko once again managed to create a simple but original character – Air.

Air Lullaby

Lullaby “Air”

Andrii Kalistratenko, UP. Life

Airs, like all children, fight sleep to the last and wait for dad to come to invest. Offer the child to sing a lullaby about Bulka’s relative, the child will be delighted.

Not lullabies, but lulling

Has it ever happened to you that when putting the baby down, you started humming not a lullaby, but some other lyrical song that you just love? Or even not a lyrical, but a very slowed-down fun song from some children’s show? If so, we suggest you try rocking your baby with these songs.

Both you and him will like it.

Draw me a night

Mykola Petrenko, Myroslav Skoryk

Song Draw me a night

Song “Draw me a night”

Photo by Andrii Kalistratenko, UP. Life

An incredibly beautiful romance performed by Lyubov Tchaikovsky Funny violins. The song was very popular in the 60s and 70s of the last century, so our grandmothers should remember it well. Gentle, dreamy music that should be introduced to a child.

The moon moves across the sky

Natalya Mogilevska

Song Moon

Song “Moon”

Photo by Andrii Kalistratenko, UP. Life

A classic of Ukrainian pop music. A lyrical song that we probably all sang in our childhood. Suddenly you forgot about her for a long time – a great opportunity to remember. Sing to the baby instead of a lullaby and catch nostalgia.

Ivasyuk’s songs

The song will be between us

“The song will be between us”

Photo by Andrii Kalistratenko, UP. Life

I will go to distant mountains“, Red rue, Fountain, The song will be between us, My dear – these are all songs that make up our modern history, and the figure of Ivasyuk is associated with indomitability and resistance. Everyone knows and loves these songs, it is not a bad idea to introduce them to children from an early age.

Hutsulka Ksenia

Yaroslav Barnych

Hutsulka Ksenya's song

Song “Hutsulka Ksenia”

Photo by Andrii Kalistratenko, UP. Life

This composition will soon cross the century mark, and it still remains popular. In 1938, an operetta was created based on the song, and in 2019 this operetta was filmed. The Ukrainian tango song is constantly re-sung – and every time aptly. Very beautiful and deep music.

The City Sleeps (Where Are You Now)

Borys Paliychuk, Ihor Shamo, Vadym Homolyak

The song Where are you now?

The song “Where are you now”

Photo by Andrii Kalistratenko, UP. Life

Another song in our selection that you can fall in love with already thanks to the performance of Kvitka Tsysyk. A romance that not everyone has enough vocal data to perform. So when to sing it, if not in a whisper in the nursery? Gentle, sensual waltz for warm spring evenings.

Lyudmila Panasiuk, UP. Life


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