Maksym Galkina was banned from performing in Kazakhstan

Maksym Galkina was banned from performing in Kazakhstan

Comedian and TV presenter Maksym Galkin spoke about the decision of the Kazakh authorities to cancel his concerts in the country. He published a video message about it on his Instagram page.

According to Galkin, his performances in Almaty and Astana are prevented “at the state level” in Kazakhstan. He said that his team has been trying to organize concerts for many months, but all the time it faces opposition from officials.

“Some invented reasons, backstage bans. Sometimes the sale stopped, sometimes it didn’t. I understand, probably, that somehow I am so terrible to the authorities of Kazakhstan that they were so afraid of holding my concerts. At the moment, there is actually an unspoken ban on holding my concerts.” .

Maxim Galkin has been opposing the war since the very beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. In 2022, he left Russia. Federal channels refused to advertise with his participation, the artist was removed from the “Tonight” program on Channel One, and later was recognized as a foreign agent. Galkin has repeatedly spoken out against the war, both on social networks and at his concerts abroad, including in support of Ukraine. Galkin’s wife, People’s Artist of the USSR Alla Pugacheva left with her husband and demanded that the authorities recognize her as a foreign agent as well. She made an unequivocal condemnation of the war in September on her Instagram after she had come to Russia for some time.

In Kazakhstan, concerts of Russian artists who support the war are also canceled. Yes, the concerts of Larisa Dolina, Polina Gagarina, and Grigory Leps did not take place. The performance, in which the pro-war actor Sergey Glushko plays, was canceled.

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