National Poetry Reading Week: How and Where to Get Involved

National Poetry Reading Week: How and Where to Get Involved


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From March 16 to 24 the first is ongoing in Ukraine National Poetry Reading Week. It is held on the initiative of the Ukrainian Book Institute and aims to draw attention to the role of the poetic word during the Great War.

Poetry Week is a good opportunity to celebrate the role of poets and the poetic word in culture, especially in times of war, because poetry as a form of literature reacts to events first“, says the UIC.

The theme of National Poetry Reading Week 2024 is “Home”. And the slogan is a line from a poem by the modern Ukrainian poet Iryna Shuvalova: “Rivers always flow home“. For the poster of the event, a fragment of a painting from the cycle “Dreams of Home” by the poet and artist, defender Valery Puzik was used.

Poetry Reading Week poster

Poetry Reading Week poster

A number of various events are planned for the Poetry Week in Ukraine and beyond: poetry readings, meetings with poets, poetry contests, online events and flash mobs.

Presentation of the catalog “Ukrainian poetry | 2023-2024”

As part of the National Poetry Reading Week 2024, the Book Institute presents a catalog of Ukrainian poetry of recent years. “This is an attempt to collect under one cover a concentrate of poetic voices that appeared in Ukrainian bookstores and libraries during the Great War“, the UIC explains.

It consists of four sections: “Poetry (of) war”, “Modern Ukrainian poetry”, “Classics” and “Poetry anthologies”.

Screenshot of the directory

Screenshot of the directory

Marathon of military poetry

The organizers of the Poetry Reading Week want to draw special attention to the poetry of authors who joined the ranks of the Ukrainian army. So they announced a flash mob on social networks Marathon of military poetry. All those willing are encouraged to publish on their pages texts or videos with the reading of a poem by a poet who defends Ukraine.

The post is asked to be accompanied by the hashtag #тыжденьпоезии2024, as well as to indicate the author of the poem.

The initiator of the Marathon, the poet Tetyana Vlasova in her Facebook one of the first to share a poem by the poetess and military paramedic Elizaveta Zharikova.

Poems of those who fight will not write themselves“, journalist Pavlo Kazarin wrote and quoted Vasyl Mulik’s poem.

How to get involved in National Poetry Reading Week

For convenient tracking of events within the National Poetry Reading Week, the UIC team has created an online map of events planned by libraries, educational institutions, museums, and theaters on this occasion.

In addition to events in various settlements of Ukraine, the map also shows events outside of Ukraine: in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Italy, Great Britain.

UIC emphasizes that new events will be added to the map throughout the week of Poetry Week.


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