“One whole”: the National Guard talked about the official tandem of a dog handler and a dog with the same names

“One whole”: the National Guard talked about the official tandem of a dog handler and a dog with the same names

Eric, a 4-year-old service dog paired with a dog trainer, also named Eric, discovered a weapon in one of the cars at the Kharkiv checkpoint. Recently, shepherds presented an award for this find.

The story of the service tandem of the two Erics was told in the National Guard.

Eric the dog stopped trusting people after 4 airstrikes by the Russians on Kharkiv at the beginning of the invasion, the National Guard says. He was taken to the west of the country, and at the beginning of the year – returned to Kharkiv region.

The cynologist remembers the first meeting with the dog in detail.

Photo: National Guard

“Eric was just brought in from the evacuation. I go into his enclosure and he looks at me and starts smiling, can you imagine? Out of all the dogs, he treated me in a special way. I just walked into the enclosure and he immediately puts his massive hands on my shoulders front paws and smiles wide-eyed! It was as if two old friends had met who hadn’t seen each other in twenty years!” – he remembers.

So both Erics got into the same kennel pair.

“We have a special bond. You know, so strong. It’s male friendship. We feel each other very well. I’m always sure that Eric will have my back. He’s always ready to protect, work tirelessly!” – adds dog trainer Eric.

Tandem dog and dog trainer

Together, they completed an educational course at a specialized canine center, passed exams and received appropriate certificates.

A few months ago, at a checkpoint near Kharkiv, military personnel, together with a dog handler and a service dog, checked documents and inspected vehicles.

The driver of one of the cars heading to the regional center did not arouse suspicion. But the shepherd Eric reacted to the smell – so he showed his partner where the driver hid a machine gun, a machine gun, stores for it, and grenades.

For this, the Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine awarded Eric the dog with the “For devoted service” medal.

Service dog Eric

Next, the cynologist with his service dog plans to learn the maximum number of all possible areas of service.

“I’m sure that even during this war you will hear about his achievements more than once! I will always be there, teach, train, support my pet, as a friend and most faithful partner, as myself, because we are practically one !” – summarizes Eric.

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