“Patrolled” the border: camera traps for border crossing violators caught a bear

“Patrolled” the border: camera traps for border crossing violators caught a bear


State Border Service of Ukraine

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Close to Romania, camera traps captured a bear leisurely “patrolling” the Ukrainian-Romanian section of the border.

We warn everyone who is planning to take a walk in the Manivets not to expose themselves to danger are reported in the State Border Service.

As the senior officer of the press service of the Chernivtsi border detachment Kostyantyn Lisnik told in a comment for UP Life“, the bear was spotted at the Selyatyn border service area on the border of Chernivtsi and Ivano-Frankivsk regions.

The owner was caught in the lens of camera traps, which border guards set up to detect criminals trying to cross the border illegally.

“This is the territory of the Verkhovynskyi National Park. We set up camera traps on the probable routes that people can use to reach the border, but instead of the offender, a bear was recorded”– said the border guard.

According to him, since the beginning of the year, 82 violators of the state border have been found in this area.

“There are many animals in that region, wild boars, deer, roe deer, foxes, and wolves have been seen. Most often, workers come across wild boars. In the event of a threat to life, the worker can fire a warning shot into the air to scare away the animal.”– added Kostyantyn Lisnik.

We used to reportedthat Balu the bear, who lived in a tight enclosure in the Khmelnytskyi Park, was moved to the Synevyr National Park.


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