Statues of animals “wept”: Ukrainians abroad held an action against the ecocide of the Russian Federation

Statues of animals “wept”: Ukrainians abroad held an action against the ecocide of the Russian Federation

Ukrainian activists have added “teardrops” to animal statues in four European cities to remind foreigners of the ecocide that Russia is committing against the Ukrainian environment.

Zoo activists “made” animal statues cry in Spain, Great Britain, Poland and Portugal.

The international action was held by the humanist movement UAnimals, the organizers of “UP. Life” reported.

The first performance took place in London, where the horse and dog of the Second World War Memorial shed tears.

UAnimals added “teardrops” to animal statues in four European cities

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This is the World War II Memorial in London

Later in Warsaw, they noticed that the stone bear Mieszko was crying.

This is the Polish stone bear Mieszko

In Valencia, Spain, a cat and a dog from the Memorial for Abandoned Animals were also given tears. Roe deer also “cried” in the Portuguese city of Sintra.

And the four-legged friends from the Memorial to Abandoned Animals in Valencia became even sadder

“The animal statues ‘brought to tears’ the atrocities we face due to the Russian war. We did this performance to once again draw the world’s attention to our daily suffering caused by Russia. War does not only kill people, it destroys animals, plants and everything environment.

Crying animals across Europe symbolize sympathy and solidarity with Ukraine, support in our fight against ecocide. It is this solidarity that we also expect from people all over the world.” – said the head of the international department of UAnimals Olga Chevganiuk.

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Animals “wept” because of Russian ecocide in Ukraine

We will remind you that during the first year of the full-scale war, Russia, excluding the Kakhovskaya HPP, caused damage to the environment of Ukraine amounting to UAH 2 trillion.

According to the Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, Ruslan Strilets, almost 500,000 hectares of the territory of Ukraine are currently under occupation or in the war zone.

2.4 million hectares of forests have already been cleared and need restoration. Under occupation are 10 national natural parks, eight nature reserves and two biosphere reserves.

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