“The base we will have to know”: some schools are planning to create workshops for working with UAVs

“The base we will have to know”: some schools are planning to create workshops for working with UAVs

As part of the project of transformation of educational institutions on the basis of schools, it is planned to create workshops in which robotics courses will be held and schoolchildren will be taught to assemble drones.

So far, we are talking about five war-affected schools in Kyiv and Kharkiv regions, as well as in Zaporizhzhia and Kryvyi Rih, which have been chosen to pilot the project. Specific institutions are not named for security reasons.

The Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov told about this in a comment for “UP. Life”.

Currently, the teachers who will teach the relevant electives are undergoing training. At the same time, a pilot project is already working on the basis of five vocational schools.

Fedorov announced the creation of workshops for the manufacture of drones in schools. Photo: alinovsky/Depositphotos

“We have developed a program that we plan to launch in each regional center next year, so that they (teachers – ed.) can study first on the basis of one school, a youth center, etc., where students from different schools can also come. This will be a continuation of the pilot” , – said the minister.

According to Fedorov, every school should be able to teach how to control drones. The next stage could potentially be studying the basics of electronic warfare, the minister added.

“This is a base that we will all need to know in order to feel protected in our country. Therefore, transformed schools will necessarily have laboratories for practical classes in chemistry, physics and other subjects, as well as computer classes. But we are separately considering the possibility create premises for training UAV operators and new technologies”, – noted the head of the Ministry of Statistics.

The opening of the transformed schools is planned for the fall of 2024. If the project is successful, schools from all over the country will be able to join it, said the head of MES, Oksen Lisovyi.

In the future, any school, having made an appropriate decision at the level of local or regional authorities, will be able to apply to the Ministry of Education and Culture regarding the provision of reconstruction projects.

“And we will provide these projects. The repair and reconstruction of schools will be carried out at the expense of local budgets. But everything depends on how successful the pilot will be.

We will talk, perhaps, about subvention from the state budget, but this is in the future. There is no provision for this in the 2024 budget.” – concluded Oksen Lisovyi.

We will remind you that earlier we wrote that the Ministry of Education and Culture plans to include drone control in the school curriculum.

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