“Panda diplomacy” will work again: China will send its pandas to the USA

“Panda diplomacy” will work again: China will send its pandas to the USA

Chinese pandas likely to return to American zoos. The leader of China, Xi Jinping, announced his readiness to continue cooperation with the United States on the preservation of these animals.

During his visit to the United States, he called the pandas “ambassadors of friendship between the Chinese and American peoples,” AP writes.

Xi Jinping did not specify when and where the pandas might be sent. They will probably arrive at the San Diego Zoo, because, according to the Chinese leader, the people of California are “looking forward to the return of the pandas.” Xi Jinping noted that he was told how “many Americans, especially children, were very reluctant to say goodbye to the pandas and came to the zoo to see them off.”

“We are ready to continue our cooperation with the United States on panda conservation and will do everything possible to meet the wishes of Californians and deepen friendly ties between our peoples” said Xi Jinping.

Photo: Ann Batdorf/Smithsonian’s National Zoo/Getty Images
Giant pandas Mei Xiang (left) and Tian Tian at the National Zoo in Washington

China, which has a monopoly on pandas, provided these animals to the United States in 1972 as part of “panda diplomacy” – a tool for establishing relations with foreign countries. The animals came to the US after President Richard Nixon’s visit to China.

We will remind you that earlier we wrote that China “recalled” its pandas from the USA after more than 50 years of these animals being in the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington. The reason for the departure of the pandas from the zoo was the deterioration of diplomatic relations between the People’s Republic of China and the United States.

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