The educational ombudsman proposes to deprive the teacher of his title for bullying, mobbing and treason

The educational ombudsman proposes to deprive the teacher of his title for bullying, mobbing and treason

The educational ombudsman suggests supplementing the document regulating the certification of teaching staff with the possibility of depriving some teachers of their titles.

We are talking about those who were prosecuted for bullying, mobbing or crimes against the foundations of national security, said the educational ombudsman Serhiy Gorbachev.

We have rare situations when a pedagogical employee, brought to administrative responsibility for bullying, according to a court decision, continues to work in an educational institution or resigns from one and transfers to another.

At the same time, he retains all pedagogical titles and qualification categories, in which there are great doubts. And, in particular, he continues to work with the children he was. And it shouldn’t be like that“, Serhiy Gorbachev noted.

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The legislation states that a teacher must adhere to professional ethics, show respect for the dignity, rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of all participants in the educational process, the ombudsman emphasizes. And also – to protect them from all possible forms of violence, including psychological violence.

“If, instead of protection, a participant in the educational process experiences bullying and/or mobbing (systematic harassment – ed.), in such cases, doubts arise regarding the professionalism of the pedagogical worker, his compliance with qualification requirements“, added the educational ombudsman.

They also plan to deprive teachers from the temporarily occupied territories who cooperated with the occupier and committed crimes against national security.

Law enforcement agencies are investigating hundreds of cases of collaborative activities of teaching staff. There are already the first verdicts.

But due to the imperfection of the legislation, the courts do not always impose an additional punishment in the form of deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities“, says Serhiy Gorbachev.

Therefore, for example, there are cases when a teacher, who is deprived of the right to hold positions related to educational and educational functions due to collaborative activities, can work in education management bodies. And the director-collaborator – to work in educational institutions as a teacher.

“People who, according to the court’s decision, were found guilty of collaborationism, treason, etc., should be suspended from teaching activities or at least for a certain time deprived of the right to work with children, because teachers educate our future generation, which is the basis of our state“, the educational ombudsman emphasized.

He also expressed hope that the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine will take these proposals into consideration.

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