The highest in history: forecasters have recorded a record temperature in Europe

The highest in history: forecasters have recorded a record temperature in Europe

On August 11, 2021, specialists of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) registered a new temperature record for continental Europe – 48.8°C.

An international group of atmospheric scientists checked the temperature recorded by an automatic weather station in Syracuse on the island of Sicily, WMO reports.

The previous record – 48°C – was recorded on July 10, 1977 in Greece. Thus, the temperature in 2021 was almost one degree higher.

Researchers suggest that this is not yet the limit, and temperatures may continue to rise.

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“It is possible that more extreme situations will occur in Europe in the future,” – says Professor Randall Cerveny, WMO rapporteur on climate and extreme weather conditions.

Scientists sound the alarm, because the study shows a tendency to maintain high temperatures, which are set in certain regions of the world.

We will remind you that the United Nations called 2023 the hottest year in the entire history of observations and the warmest in the last 125 thousand years. Last year broke temperature records. In particular, in October, the temperature broke the previous record set in 2019 – it was higher by 0.4 °C. Climatologists say that this is a huge gap.

The summer of 2023 in the Arctic became the warmest in the entire history of observations. The average air temperature there was 6.4°C.

And on November 17, 2023, the Earth’s temperature briefly exceeded the critical mark. It was 2.06°C higher than in 1850-1900. This could have catastrophic consequences for the planet.

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