The menu includes “Dream of a pedophile” and “Prostitute”: what is known about the scandal with the Kharkiv bar

The menu includes “Dream of a pedophile” and “Prostitute”: what is known about the scandal with the Kharkiv bar


The cocktail bar “Outside the Zone”, which was opened a few months ago on the territory of the Mykola Lysenko Kharkiv National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet, outraged users of social networks with their provocative drink names.

The establishment serves cocktails with the following names: “Lesbian”, “Vibrator”, “Pedophile’s Dream”, “Deep Throat”, “Whore”, “First Sex” and others.

In addition, they have an “original” description. For example, “tart, like your relationship, pomegranate”, “sweet, like a little one’s vagina, currant”, “fragrant, like a bed after sex”, “orange, like the tits of your favorite model”, etc.

Such names are discriminatory, sexist, degrade the honor and dignity of women, and also violate the Law of Ukraine “On Advertising”.

On the other hand, the managers of the “Outside the Zone” pub do not see a problem in such names of cocktails and consider them “humor”. In the comments under the bar’s posts, they respond defiantly and aggressively, and call the outraged people “a bunch of kids trying to prove something.”

Journalists of the “Nakipilo” and “Lyuk” media groups already wrote statement to the Kharkiv police and filed a complaint with the State Production and Consumer Service with a request to check the operation of the institution.

Olga Novak, tutor of the public organization “Girls”, also responded to the situation. In a comment for “UP. Life” she said that filed a complaint to the State Production and Consumer Service and the Ombudsman for Human Rights.

“This bar reacted very aggressively in the comments, and I realized that there is no other way to influence them – only with complaints and public publicity.” – said Olga.

The woman is convinced: such names of drinks tolerate violence.

“If we, as a society, want to live in safety, we must respond to such cases. I am convinced that if businesses or individuals do not see a problem with statements that support rape culture, we must do everything to stop them from existing. Because people , who do not understand basic values, understand the language of money and social condemnation,” – said Olga Novak.

In a comment for “UP. Life”, feminist activist Victoria Dubinets explained why such names are dangerous for society.

“The names, in particular of the drinks, should not contain expressions that would violate the honor and dignity of people. However, in the menu we see “Hvoida” or “Cheap whore” and “Nazoskala”, which spread stereotypes and prejudiced attitudes towards women.” – said Victoria.

In her opinion, the names “Pedophile’s Dream”, “Rape” and “Incest” can normalize pedophilia and potentially put children at risk.

“It is important to understand the difference between flirting with the topic of sex, healthy sexual desire, and the normalization of violence. The “Sex on the Beach” cocktail does not bother me, because it is about pleasure by mutual consent of the parties. And when it comes to violence, it can be dangerous. Don’t to tell society that it’s normal” – stressed Victoria Dubinets.

The activist noted that such names cause outrage, as the problem of domestic and gender-based violence is relevant in Ukrainian society and predictably affects the victims of it.

Victoria claims that this topic became even more acute during the full-scale invasion, because the Russian military rapes women, men and children.

“Rape jokes are not ok. Humor is when it’s funny. If so many people expressed their outrage in the comments, then perhaps you need to reconsider your views.

In addition, it is a business that must comply with the law and pay attention to complaints and comments of consumers.” – noted Victoria Dubinets.

“Outside the Zone” Bar Guide reacted to outrage They say that they agree with the need to revise some of the names of the cocktails, but do not plan to completely change the menu.

They also stated that they have no intention of apologizing to the “shaggy queens” (“pseudo-feminists”) and closing the establishment. And the wave of “hate” in their direction is called “paid for”.

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