The story of a 19-year-old soldier of the National Guard who was injured during an assault

The story of a 19-year-old soldier of the National Guard who was injured during an assault

Military under the pseudonym “Boyok” – one of those who met a full-scale invasion as a conscript soldier. He is 19 years old.

He is a marksman of the patrol battalion of the 5th Slobozhan Brigade. After the fighting, he had a noticeable scar on his forehead.

The National Guard of Ukraine told about his path.


The guy started serving in the fall of 2021 and was supposed to be demobilized already in the spring of 2022. A full-scale war began when he was 18. He remembers the development of events well.

“On February 23, I was on duty as soon as I went to bed, but they immediately raised a combat alert. We were given weapons and ammunition. At first, we were at the headquarters, but at the beginning of March, our unit was taken outside Cherkassk Lozova. They just started to dig in, and he started working for us.” Vasylok”. We were told that the occupiers were one and a half kilometers away from us. We dug out the chances, entrenched ourselves, and set up our outfits.”– says Boyok.

Photo: NSU

At first, his unit was in Pyatikhatki, and then in Ruska Lozovaya. In May 2022, he participated in the liberation of several villages in the Dergachiv district. Together with the Kraken unit, they stormed the Kennel and then freed the Passages.

“Unfortunately, there were great losses”– says the national guard sadly.

And from there, together with his brothers, he fell under Dementiivka. They say that it was scary there because of the swampy terrain and the fact that there were rarely forest strips. In addition, sabotage and reconnaissance groups tried to enter there.

Then the positions were stormed by the Russian military. Boyok remembers how he held a sector with 2 machine gunners while the infantry was coming at them. He says that he shot the entire ammunition of the grenade launcher at the enemy and started firing from the machine gun.


“I fired one magazine, started to insert another, but then a mortar mine hit the parapet of the trench right in front of me. The last thing I saw was the sky, which was dark, and suddenly became white.” – says the guy.

He emphasizes that although he had ringing in his ears, had a concussion and was bleeding from the mouth, he was not afraid. After feeling himself, he found several injuries.

“The helmet saved me, but the shrapnel pierced the Kevlar and entered the forehead. I tried to pull it out – it didn’t work. I was evacuated, I had 5 wounds, a fracture of the maxillary sinuses and a severe akubarotrauma”– the fighter recalls.

After that, he was treated in a hospital, and the military hospital commission recognized him as limited fit. Despite serving in a patrol battalion, he has a desire to carry out combat orders.

After the end of the war, the boy wants to become a biology teacher.

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