The story of a professional cook and military 61st OMB “Fox”: video

The story of a professional cook and military 61st OMB “Fox”: video

Military serviceman Oleg with the call sign “Fox” has been defending Ukraine for almost 8 years.

Previously, the man was a professional cook, and now he serves in the 61st Separate Mechanized Steppe Brigade, the Ground Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces say.

But even during the war, Oleg pleases his brothers with his dishes whenever there is an opportunity.


“I used to cook for the famous and famous, and now – for my relatives, for those with whom I hold weapons together and share joys and trials”– they say in the brigade.

To prepare a delicious dish that will fill the entire dugout with aroma, Oleg needs a gas cylinder and an ordinary cauldron.

Friends say that Oleg’s dishes are as tasty as at home. And he managed to conquer even the Norwegians with Ukrainian borscht.

“I went to study in Norway and treated the Norwegians to Ukrainian borscht. It was the first time I saw people walking and drinking borscht from a plate on the way. And then they stopped, came back and said they wanted more”Oleg shares.

“Fox” signed the contract back in 2013, and in 2018 – resigned.


He worked in a pizzeria in Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, where he fed even famous Ukrainians. And at the beginning of the full-scale invasion, he returned to the ranks of the Armed Forces.

According to the defender himself, for almost 8 years of service, he has already gotten used to the army. First he was a rifleman, then a sergeant, and now he is a unit commander.

“I’ve been in the army for a very, very long time, so it’s like my main job now.” – says “Fox”.

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