The story of the Belarusian volunteer “Immortal” who fights for Ukraine: video

The story of the Belarusian volunteer “Immortal” who fights for Ukraine: video

The story of the Belarusian volunteer “Immortal” who fights for Ukraine: video | Ukrainian truth _Life


“Andriy has been at the front since the first day of the full-scale war. He is a Belarusian who, together with his compatriots, is fighting on the side of Ukraine as part of the “Belarusian Volunteer Corps”– they say in the “Witness”.

Photo: Ukrainian witness

Before moving and participating in a full-scale war, Andriy worked as an engineer at the Ministry of Defense of Belarus. After his release, he worked in a taxi service.

“I was repeatedly offered to become a policeman or a soldier – I refused. This contradicts my worldview. Once I saw how a major of the Belarusian army forced a young soldier to cut the lawn with office scissors.

I recorded it on my smartphone, and then I wrote my voluntary resignation.” – says Andriy.

In Belarus, the fighter suffered repression: on August 14, 2020, he was arrested for participating in protests against the dictator Lukashenka. According to Andrii, there were more than 20 people in the cell, the detained protesters were not fed.


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The volunteer also said that his native Belarusian language is the language of teachers and oppositionists, because it actually does not exist in the country.

“Everyone communicates in Russian. If your neighbor hears that you speak Belarusian, he can call the police and report that you are an “oppositionist”says “Immortal”.

In 2020, the man moved to Kyiv. And already in 2 years he went to fight for Ukraine.

“Here we are fighting the enemy who also took my country. If I die, it will be in the fight for truth, for people and absolute goodness.” – says Andriy.

Now the military man works mainly in the Zaporozhye region.

“On the second line of defense, Russian dugouts are filled with concrete and fortified five meters deep. You can get the enemy out of there only by entering these fortifications with your own feet.”– he tells about the combat operations.

We will remind you that “Immortal” also participates in the Telegram project “TrO Bavovna” together with twin snipers Yakovlev and other military personnel.

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