The story of Yuri from Vinnytsia, who came under fire from the Russian Federation and received 65% burns on his body – photo

The story of Yuri from Vinnytsia, who came under fire from the Russian Federation and received 65% burns on his body – photo

Yury Mysak, a resident of Vinnytsia, is being rehabilitated in Lviv, who on July 14, 2022 was hit by a Russian missile attack on the city and suffered 65% burns.

At that moment, the man and his friend were in the car, they had to go on business, according to the Ministry of Health.

As a result of the explosion, the car burst into flames, the men ended up on the asphalt. Yuriy, recalling that moment, says that everything was like in a scary movie in slow motion: fire, blood, debris, mutilated people, gutted cars. There is a ringing in the ears, and the taste of iron in the mouth.


Yuri and his friend ran away from the epicenter of the impact, the man’s clothes were on fire: his pants were almost completely burned, his T-shirt was burning and melting on the sleeves and in the stomach area.

Yury Mysak. All photos: Ministry of Health/Non-combustible

Passers-by helped the man to get to the nearest hospital.

Local doctors were shocked by the patient’s condition and the fact that he managed to get to his feet. Numerous burns, a serious contusion, a broken head, the brain was controlled by shock“, – they tell the Ministry of Health.

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Until now, a man cannot do many things on his own – walk, dress, put on shoes

Yuriy was first sent to the Pirogov regional hospital, then to Lviv, and from there to Poland for a month and a half.

After returning to Ukraine, scars began to grow on the man’s body. According to him, the pain did not subside for almost a moment. Currently, the man is receiving treatment and undergoing rehabilitation within the framework of the “Unburned” project, where Ukrainians are treated free of charge for non-domestic burns and scars.


Currently, Yuriy cannot do many things on his own – for example, to dress or walk.

Despite the fact that his hands are completely covered with scars, Yuriy does not lose his optimism. Glad to be alive.

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The man dreams of returning to his usual life as soon as possible

Patients of the project can be people with:

  • skin damage (burns or scars) as a result of military operations;
  • confirmations from a doctor/military medical commission about receiving a non-domestic injury.

You can contact the project team by phone: (066) 906-06-14, as well as on the website using the link.

According to the Ministry of Health, up to 1,200 victims can receive free medical care and treatment for burns and scars every year.

It will be recalled that a serviceman who was seriously wounded in mid-February 2023, when a bullet stuck near his heart, recovered and returned to the front.

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