The Ukrainian Association of the Deaf criticized the sign adaptation of the national selection songs for Eurovision

The Ukrainian Association of the Deaf criticized the sign adaptation of the national selection songs for Eurovision

The Ukrainian Association of the Deaf stated that the sign language translation of songs at the national selection for Eurovision was performed “at an amateur level.”

The speech was dominated by its own interpretation of the material, the organization said in a comment to the Interfax-Ukraine news agency.

“To say that this was a translation that was done to ensure accessibility for the hearing impaired audience, yes, it was a show that the hearing audience really liked, but it didn’t ‘go'” people who have reduced hearing or do not hear at all and use sign language.

There has been a lot of talk in the deaf community about this for several days. Deaf people simply say, “I didn’t understand anything.” – say the Ukrainian Association of the Deaf.

The community also called for a more qualitative approach to ensure inclusivity.

“The saddest thing in this story is that, in an effort to do a seemingly good deed, the organizers did not take into account whether the material would be presented comfortably for people who do not hear. So today we receive feedback of disappointment and even the feeling that the organizers insulted sign-speaking people by offering them a low-grade type of sign language translation”, – said the Ukrainian Society of the Deaf.

We will remind, this year the final of the national selection for “Eurovision” was accompanied by sign language translation for the first time. Olga Bunaziv was the translator of the conversational studies, and Kateryna Zabotkina was engaged in the adaptation of the songs.

Many users expressed admiration for their work, while hearing impaired people noted that they did not understand the meaning of the songs during the translation.

“While you praise the sign language interpreter at Eurovision, I, as a sign language person, do not understand her at all. She conveys her emotions, rhythm, sounds of instruments well, but not words and content. I do not understand how she could be hired for such a large-scale translation. Do you really think she’s professional? I wouldn’t say that… I notice that her gestures are still stiff and lacking in meaning while translating. So I can tell she hasn’t practiced much yet.

I have nothing against the sign language interpreter, but I am in favor of her doing it not only for everyone, but also for people with hearing impairments.”wrote a user with the nickname “the same deaf” on Twitter.

In response to criticism, Kateryna previously replied that the adaptation of songs in sign language does not involve a literal translation. Also, her performance of songs in sign language was supported by professional translator Ruslan Vykhivskyi.

“If a person wants to learn the text word for word, he will open it, and for this he does not need another person who will say the same thing in sign language.

In my opinion, conveying the atmosphere, rhythm and mood of a song is as important as conveying gestures. That is, to adapt so that it is clear what this song is about.” – said Kateryna in an interview with “UP. Life”, which has not yet been published.

At the same time, the girl added that she is positive about criticism and suggestions that she should improve.

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