the VR committee supported the postponement for graduate students

the VR committee supported the postponement for graduate students


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The Committee of the Verkhovna Rada on National Security, Defense and Intelligence supported the granting of a deferment from mobilization for postgraduate students of budgetary and contract forms of education.

About this reported People’s Deputy and member of the specialized committee Iryna Friz.

The corresponding decision was made at the committee meeting on March 22, where amendments to draft law No. 10449 on strengthening mobilization were considered – deputies submitted there are more than 4 thousand of them.

“A total of 2,105 amendments have already been considered, that is, half” reported people’s deputy Oleksiy Honcharenko.

Battles have been going on for a long time around the postponement of mobilization for graduate students.

Yes, the draft law on strengthening mobilization, which deputies on February 7 approved in the first reading, predicted that he would be called up for military service during mobilization will be subject to graduate students, who acquire a level of education at the expense of individuals or legal entities under the terms of the contract.

This norm outraged A graduate student community that called it discriminatory.

According to data In 2023, the Ministry of Education and Science allocated 2,830 state places for postgraduate studies. And before admission (to postgraduate and doctoral studies, where 311 state orders were allocated) counted 19,138 people.

The Community also believes that postgraduate students make a great contribution to the defense of our state with their developments.

“Since 2022, the number of studies aimed at the development and creation of high-precision equipment for the Armed Forces has increased significantly.

In addition, many scientific works relate to the development of drones, cyber defense, the creation of stronger and lighter materials for the production of armor, the provision of innovative methods and means of medical care for use on the battlefield, the improvement of encryption systems for military communications.– emphasized in the Community.

Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Mykhailo Vynnytskyi in response to comments on Facebook toldthat the draft law on mobilization was not coordinated with the Ministry of Education and Culture.

We used to toldwhether the relatives of the dead civilians can get a postponement from mobilization.


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