There was no chance of life: in Kyiv, they saved a woman in labor whose heart stopped on the way to the hospital

There was no chance of life: in Kyiv, they saved a woman in labor whose heart stopped on the way to the hospital

Tatyana gave birth in the Chernivtsi regional perinatal center. After the birth of the child, doctors gave her a diagnosis that left no chance for life.

Despite the efforts of the doctors, the woman in labor was dying before her eyes. But, fortunately, she managed to be saved.

The acting general director of the Chernivtsi regional perinatal center Lyubov Godniuk shared the story of the woman’s rescue.

“The woman is dying, we won’t be able to save her”

Tatyana had a complicated pregnancy. Thanks to an emergency caesarean section, a healthy boy was born. But his mother’s condition was extremely difficult.

WITHterrible diagnosis “embolism with amniotic fluid” gave no chance of saving the woman in labor

I ran to the department of anesthesiology and intensive care and saw a depressing picture where all anesthesiologists-reanimatologists, obstetricians-gynecologists, professors of the department saved the patient. But Tatyana’s condition worsened and the diagnosis was dire “embolism with amniotic fluid” gave no chance of salvation“, – says Godniuk.

Amniotic fluid embolism is a critical condition associated with the ingress of amniotic fluid and its contents into the pulmonary vessels with the development of shock of mixed genesis up to cardiac arrest, acute respiratory failure and acute DVT syndrome (generalized blood coagulation disorder due to the massive release from the tissues of thromboplastic substances).

A council of the best doctors of Bukovyna gathered, the medical staff did not take a step away from the patient 24 hours a day, but no positive dynamics were observed.

The husband of the woman in labor, Yuriy Ravlyuk, was in the hospital and was the first to see the newborn.

Would you have seen this meeting between father and son. It is a sight that can make your heart burst in an instant. The baby was named Victor, he is a rosy-cheeked, chubby handsome boy“, adds Godniuk.

The countdown went on for hours

Doctors began to do everything possible to send Tatyana to Kyiv as a matter of urgency, but when, according to Godnyuk, the capital’s doctors saw her medical indicators and medical history, they refused.

There was only one chance to find the general director of the O. Shalimov National Scientific Center of Surgery and Transplantology of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, who was abroad at the time. I was desperately looking for an opportunity to find a way out, to persuade the CEO and give this family one last chance not to lose their mother, wife, daughter“, – recalls Godniuk.

With the help of caring people, it became possible to transport the patient. The emergency medical care team faced the most difficult task – to deliver the patient alive to Kyiv on one hundred percent oxygen subsidy and hand it over to the doctors.

The woman, according to the vital signs and resources of the body, had very little time left and the countdown went on for hours.

Tetyana’s parents wrote a receipt stating that in the event of her death, they would not have any complaints against the doctors.

On the way to Kyiv, Tetyana’s heart stopped

On the way out of Chernivtsi, Tatyana suffered a cardiac arrest. The brigade carried out resuscitation measures and resumed work. In each settlement, an emergency medical aid car drove up and refueled with oxygen.

The patient was taken to the hospital at night. The next day, the capital’s doctors gave Tatyana a one-in-a-hundred chance to live.

“Tanya’s attending physician was a graduate of the Bukovyna State Medical University, our compatriot, our pride Victor Torak.

We talked daily, discussed the condition of our patient, prayed and cheered together, rejoiced at small successes and victories“, says Mrs. Love.

I saw a photo of my newborn son and… I started to recover!

The newborn Viktor remained in the perinatal ward. Her husband, parents, all her relatives were with Tatyana – in Kyiv. And Ivanko, the eldest son, was still waiting for his mother at home.

Every day after the meeting, I went to the children’s ward and took pictures of our handsome Vityusha and sent them to dad Yuriy Ravlyuk and doctor Viktor Torak. She signed the photo – “Vityusha is waiting for her mother“, Ms. Lyubov continues the story.

Step by step, Tatyana’s condition improved, and when she regained consciousness and opened her eyes for the first time, she was shown a photo of her newborn son and she…smiled.

From that moment, the process of her recovery began.

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