“They wanted to see what it was like inside”: teenagers who got lost in the catacombs were rescued in Odesa

“They wanted to see what it was like inside”: teenagers who got lost in the catacombs were rescued in Odesa

In Odesa, three girls and a boy were found who got lost in the catacombs in the village of Nerubayskyi.

The girls, aged 11, 14 and 15, and a 12-year-old boy went to explore the catacombs yesterday, but never returned home and spent the night underground, police said.

The mother of one of the girls contacted the police. The woman said that around 2:00 p.m. her daughter went to the Nerubai catacombs with her friends, but did not return.

There was no contact with the children.

Previously, teenagers did not go to the catacombs, but they wanted to see what it was like inside.

Friends prepared lanterns in advance and went down. They walked through the tunnels for about 30 minutes, and when they wanted to return, they realized that they had lost their way.

“We just walked for 30 minutes. Then I suggested we turn around and go back. We started walking back and couldn’t find the road anymore. Then we started walking around the nooks and crannies – we enter one, we leave from the same side, but from a different place.” – says one of the girls.

Teenagers began to look for a way out following the signs on the walls, but it did not help. Tired, they went to bed, and in the morning they again went to look for a way out.

“We were there without water, without food, without internet. We only had flashlights on our phones”– remember the teenagers.

The children were found at 9 in the morning at a distance of 2 thousand meters from the entrance.

The teenagers heard voices and thought they had found a way out, but it was their saviors. During the night, they examined 60 kilometers of catacomb tunnels.

The children were raised to the surface, immediately given water and warmed. They are whole and unharmed, says the Odesa Police Press Service.

Police officers, in particular dog handlers with dogs, rescuers, psychologists of the State Emergency Service, the public formation “Nerubai Patrol” and speleologists worked on the spot.

“The police conducted explanatory work with the children, explained that such hikes without specialists can end tragically.” – adds Yuriy Rybak, head of the territorial division of the police.

Administrative protocols were drawn up for the parents Art. 184 of the Labor Code of Ukraine (“avoidance of parents from the obligations stipulated by law to ensure the necessary living conditions, education and upbringing of minor children”).

The sanction of the article provides for a warning or a fine of one to three tax-free minimum incomes.

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We will remind you that in July of last year, two boys, 13 and 15 years old, got lost in the Nerubai Catacombs.

The Nerubhai catacombs were formed as a result of the extraction of the building stone – shell, and during the Second World War Soviet partisans were allegedly hiding there.

In general, the catacombs in Odesa region reach more than 2.5 thousand meters in length. The Nerubian Catacombs contain thousands of entrances and exits where it is easy to get lost without an experienced guide.

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