They will replace men: in Kyiv, they created courses for women’s electrical engineers

They will replace men: in Kyiv, they created courses for women’s electrical engineers

In Kyiv, courses for women who found themselves in difficult conditions due to the war were started. Here they can learn a new profession.

The courses are aimed at women with disabilities, displaced women, single mothers and those who lost their husbands in the war or whose husbands are mobilized for the army, the Kyiv City State Administration reported.

As Larisa Polivko, coordinator of the VONA career hub, said in a comment for “UP. Life”, the labor market now needs specialists in the field of electrical installation, many jobs are vacant.

“Due to the fact that many men went to fight, vacancies appeared in this field. We decided to train women in this profession so that they would find work and be able to provide for themselves.” – says Larisa.

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To get on the course, you need to contact the organization and fill out the application form. Further, potential participants are selected.

“Women who expressed a desire to take the course communicate with our career counselors. They do this in order to identify their needs, abilities and goals. We do not take everyone to the course. Out of 70 applications, we selected only 18. The main criterion is motivation “, – said the coordinator.

According to her, the course consists of theoretical and practical parts. The theory can be mastered online. The practice of women will take place directly using the appropriate equipment in the premises of the Educational and Practical Center of Renewable Energy.

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In a month, they have the opportunity to acquire the necessary basic knowledge of electrical installation, learn the principles of electrical equipment and its structure, learn the peculiarities of power supply and learn to work with solar batteries. Qualified teachers will help them in this.

Larisa Polivko says that they plan to create other similar educational products for women.

“In general, this is the first pilot course of electricians. If the labor market needs more such specialists, there will be further streams.

Before that, we had courses in dryers, groomers, and hairdressers. However, these are increasingly female professions. Now we are expanding the list, and we are working on a request to create a course for women who want to work as truck drivers. In this profession, you need to have a driver’s license.” – said the coordinator of the “VONA” career hub.

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After completing the course, all participants will receive a certificate, and hub coordinators will help them with employment.

As a reminder, Ukrainian men and women can take 120 free online courses from Ukrainian educational platforms.

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