this is the first fatality in 20 years

this is the first fatality in 20 years

A mountain lion in California has bitten a person to death for the first time in 20 years


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In California, an 18-year-old boy told police that he and his 21-year-old brother were attacked by a mountain lion on March 23.

This is the first such incident in the last 20 years, writes Washington Post.

The 18-year-old boy suffered facial injuries and has already undergone several operations. Nothing threatens his life.

The 90-kilogram beast was put to sleep a few hours after the incident.

Law enforcement officers said that the brothers were walking in the suburbs of Georgetown in the savannah.

“It is not typical for mountain lions to wander along the same trails used by humans. But they tend to stay away from people.”said wildlife researcher Winston Vickers from the University of California, Davis.

Because lion attacks are so rare, it is difficult to pinpoint risk factors. Studies show that seizures and death are more likely when people are moving erratically. At the same time, scientists say that the chance of dying from a lion attack is a thousand times smaller than from being struck by lightning.

The previous fatality occurred in 2004 when a mountain lion killed a 35-year-old man at Whiting Ranch Regional Park.

Since then, the state wildlife department has confirmed 12 non-fatal mountain lion attacks. The last recorded attack was in September 2022.

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