This year, about 110,000 men of draft age entered universities. Investigation

This year, about 110,000 men of draft age entered universities.  Investigation

In 2023, the proportion of men among first-year students of paid education increased to 70%, and their average age increased to 27 years.

This is stated in the investigation Our money. Lviv”, the authors of which, based on the results of the introductory campaign, came to the conclusion that universities continue to use it to avoid mobilization.

In 2023, approximately 110,000 men of draft age entered higher education institutions. A year ago, there were about 85,000 of them.

It is noted that the number of new male students over the age of 30 increased 23 times during 2022-2023.

Number of male entrants aged 30-39 in:

  • In 2020, there were 1,700 people willing to study;
  • in 2021 – 2186;
  • in 2022 – 30,277;
  • in 2023 – 43,7202.

Among men over the age of 40 in:

  • In 2020, there were 692 students willing to enroll;
  • in 2021 – 884;
  • in 2022 – 15,055;
  • in 2023 – 27,728.

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Despite the fact that the average annual cost of studying at Ukrainian higher education institutions increased to UAH 23.7 thousand, the conditions for entering a contract remained simplified – for some specialties, a simple interview or motivation letter was enoughthe journalists add.

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Additional income of educational institutions

In 2023, more than 200,000 men enrolled in paid education. Two years ago, there were less than 92,000 of them, the journalists add.

At the same time, as a result of the large number of willing men of draft age to study, this year Ukrainian higher education institutions additionally received over UAH 2.6 billion.

In 2022, additional income amounted to UAH 1.7 billion.

Kharkiv Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport became the leader, where the number of male contract workers in the first year of study, compared to the pre-war year 2021, increased 20 times– note the authors of the investigation.

It will be recalled that at the beginning of September, a draft law was submitted to the Council, canceling the postponement of mobilization for those who obtain a second education after 30.

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