Tied and hung by its paws: in Volyn, a woman mauled her own dog to death

Tied and hung by its paws: in Volyn, a woman mauled her own dog to death

In Kovel, in Volyn, a woman mauled her own dog to death. Criminal proceedings were opened against her.

This case was reported by the public organization Kovel Animals.

As the volunteers note, on September 29, a local resident hung a German shepherd by its hind legs on the balcony of the first floor. The animal was completely immobilized – the front legs were tied and the body was bandaged. She also had blood on her head.

A girl living nearby noticed this. She immediately called the patrol police. However, the law enforcement officers did not record the fact of the crime and left the dog with the owner.

Photo: Kovel Animals/Facebook

Two days later, the applicant saw that the animal was still tied and barely alive. Then she reported the situation to the volunteers, who called another patrol.

“The dog is conscious, the front limbs are still a little mobile, the hind limbs are dead, cold and blackened, the ears are bleeding, the teeth are knocked out.” – animal rights defenders describe the condition of the dog in which they managed to take it away.

However, on November 2, the dog died.

Volunteers note that he was constantly tortured at home. This is confirmed by numerous scars on the body.

The press service of the patrol police of the Volyn region in a comment for “UP. Life” reported that during the first call, the law enforcement officers held an explanatory conversation with the owner of the sheepdog.

“The police officers talked through the window with the owner of the dog, who was locked in her apartment on the first floor of the building. The woman said that this dog bit her and her husband in the morning. When the patrol officers arrived, the latter went to a medical facility to receive help.

According to the owner, when the animal pounced on them, it was very aggressive, so she decided to tie it up, so that in the future, when the husband returns home, it can be taken to the veterinarian and medically euthanized.” – explained the police.

They note that the patrol officers explained the situation to the applicant. She was also informed that if the situation with the dog does not change, she can report it again to the 102 line.

According to law enforcement officers, the neighbor noted that this was the first case of cruelty to an animal in this family.

During the next call, on October 31, the patrol officers saw the same picture – the dog was tied up. They called the investigative team, because they saw signs of a criminal offense.

As the press service of the Main Department of the National Police in the Volyn region told in a comment for “UP. Life”, the woman has been charged under Article 299 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – “cruelty to animals”.

She faces restriction of freedom for a period of 1 to 3 years or imprisonment for a period of 2 to 3 years.

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