“Ukrposhta” issues a new stamp dedicated to the work of postmen during the war

“Ukrposhta” issues a new stamp dedicated to the work of postmen during the war

On the occasion of the company’s 30th anniversary, “Ukrposhta” presented a postal set, where one of the stamps is dedicated to postmen.

This was announced on Facebook by the general director of “Ukrposhta” Ihor Smilyanskyi.

The company’s website says that in this way they are trying to emphasize the importance of the work of various specialists who continue to work in war conditions, including postmen who “deliver parcels across Ukraine and abroad, issue pensions and social assistance, help transport thousands of tons of humanitarian aid etc”.

According to Smilyanskyi, it is important to honor the postmen, because “Ukrposhta” is the first to come to the liberated territories after the Armed Forces.”

Photo: Ihor Smilyanskyi/Facebook

On February 2, we will issue a new stamp in the “Heroic professions of war” series dedicated to postmen – “Ukrposhta is always with you”. There will be two stamps in the new block: “Ukrposhta delivers” and “ZSU is winning”, because the first is impossible without the second. – wrote the general director of the company.

The stamp depicts a Ukrposhta car with a company driver, “this does not single out a certain person or position,” Ihor Smilyanskyi emphasized.

“This stamp is about each of them. And about those who, under bullets, deliver pensions and aid to the frontline regions, and about those who in the morning, even after sleepless nights and anxiety, head to the department, car or sorting center.” – he said.

You can pre-order the brand by following the link.

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